Follow this Airport Etiquette To Travel Like a Pro

Going on a business trip? Exotic vacation? Good for you! It’s always exciting to take a plane and be in the air. You can see the clouds and it’s truly magnificent. But first things first, before taking off, you need to go through the airport process. This includes checking in your suitcases, security, border control, etc. Here is some guidance to ensure you have everything cleared out and are on your best behavior. Airports are international places, and there is an airport etiquette that will make it easier (and quicker) for yourself but also for the airport staff and your fellow travelers. Let us show you how to travel like a professional.

Be polite

What polite means to you can be very different from someone else! Nevertheless, basics politeness includes, saying “Thank you,” “Hello,” and “Bye”. Especially to the airport staff. During high seasons, they see a ton of people every day.


Take it easy on them, they are just trying to make it to the end of their shift alive. You might even make their day by being polite or asking how they are doing. These small things have a big impact.

Prepare in advance

The are tons of preparations you can do online before your flight. From getting there, checking in, security, and boarding, preparing is key. Make sure you know what you can bring, what you cannot, and the luggage sizes accepted.


Make sure that you have all your documents ready when you are passing security or passport control. Make it easy for everyone and take a minute to get everything in your hands, especially if you travel with children.

Don’t litter

There are some cultural differences between whether it’s okay to leave your rubbish on the table and take your plate back to the counter. The best rule is to leave things as you have found them first. Was your table clean? Leave your table clean.


The staff might be overwhelmed during peak hours and especially if people are going to sit after you, just make it nice for them. Always try to find a bin, and if you cannot, ask the staff or simply keep it in your pocket, please.

Be punctual

The plane won’t wait for you. Okay, maybe if you are Beyoncé, they would. But chances are, you are not. Usually, airlines send you all the information you need to know before getting to the airport. Allow two or three hours just to make sure you have time.


It’s better to be safe rather than look at your flight taking off from the tarmac because you missed it. During summer, queues can be extremely long. Get there early, finish off all controls, then sit, relax, or do some duty-free shopping.

Patience and empathy

Is the kid crying on the plane? It’s terrible, we know, and everyone hates it. But bear in mind that the kid might have pressure in his ears and be in pain. A general rule is to make no assumption, if something bothers you, communicate.


Most of the time, people might not be aware that what they are doing is uncomfortable for you. Be polite, express yourself, and ask the flight attendant if you are shy. Just keep in mind that empathy is key. You don’t know how their day was, or where they are coming from. Stay calm.

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