These Are The Best Times to Visit Different Places in France

La France! One of the most famous countries in Europe with people all around the world dreaming about walking by the Eifel tower and eating some French croissants. But with so many people wanting to visit France, when is the best time to go? Summertime? But it will be crowded. Winter? But wouldn’t it be too cold? We’ve got you! Whether you want to see Paris or have seen it already and want to visit another part of the French-speaking country, we have prepared you with some useful guidance. France does have more to offer rather than just Paris. You would be surprised to know you can go skiing, diving, and trekking in France. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Keep on reading and find out more then.


Paris, also known as the city of lights, the city of love, and also where Emily in Paris, the trendy Netflix series is taking place. Is there a best season to visit Paris? Long answer shot; no. Long answer long; yes.

Summer holidays for French students and most of Europe happen during the months of July and August. If you visit Paris slightly before or after, you will still enjoy the good weather without the summer rush. During winter, you can enjoy Christmas lights, but it will be very cold.

North of France

Have you seen The Sticks? This famous French movie happening at the northmost point in France, at the border with Belgium. It’s a hilarious movie depicting the poor weather there. Don’t be fooled, it has more to offer than that!

You can enjoy the north of France, especially during summer or spring, cities like Lille or Reims are beautiful and you can surely spend a great time there, with some good pastries. It will also make it easier to travel to Belgium, right next to it, which you can reach within 30 minutes!

South of France

The vineyards, the sun, the ocean. If you are a wine connoisseur you will love the south of France! It generally has the best weather out of all regions in France. Indeed, it’s close to Spain and Portugal. During spring and summer, the weather is ideal.

Many families head there during the summertime to enjoy the sun. You will notice many camping sites. French love that and it’s a good low-budget vacation option. It’s a region that is too often overlooked. You will love it, trust us.

Events & Celebrations

Whilst you can expect summer to be packed, you can’t rely only on travelling during the other months. Indeed, France also has many celebrations and events throughout the year that will either refrain you from travelling there during that time or on the contrary appeal to you further.

Think of events like le Tour de France, this famous France tour by bike, Carnaval de Nice happening in Nice (of course), and the Marathon of Paris. Bear in mind too that France has a lot of bank holidays, plan consequently.

School holidays

Just like French bank holidays, students all across France enjoy many holidays. You have of course the summer vacation during the months of July and August. But not only! One week during Easter, and two weeks at the end of the year.

Most parents will take this opportunity to travel abroad but also within the territory. If you are travelling with your family, perfect. Your kids will probably enjoy mingling with French fellows. If you don’t want to have kids running around, you know when to avoid travelling.

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