Check Out These Tips To Avoid Getting The Sniffles While Traveling

Getting sick while on vacation might just ruin the whole trip. Nobody wants to end up carrying a roll of toilet paper to the Colosseum to use as tissue for blowing their nose. Unfortunately, if you’re like us, you probably get a stuffy nose whenever you get on a plane. It’s not uncommon to catch something unpleasant after spending hours stuck in the human equivalent of a sardine tin with hundreds of strangers. Still, there has to be a way to travel while staying healthy. Here are some useful tips we will implement on our next vacation!

Stay Hydrated 

Doctors always tell you to stay well hydrated, but not many people drink the recommended half a gallon of water per day. However, a trip could be the perfect opportunity to incorporate those good habits. It’ll also help you avoid getting sick. 

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Even some headaches can go away if you just stay on top of your hydration. If it’s hot, you’ll have to drink more. You also hydrate if you consume foods with high-water content and Vitamin C, such as mangoes or blueberries. 

Pack Over-the-Counter Medicine

It goes without saying that you should always pack any prescription medicines you’re taking when you go on vacation. It’s not a bad idea to pack some over-the-counter medications too, just to play it safe. 


Ibuprofen, antihistamines, and motion sickness meds are useful to carry on you while traveling. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way, and you won’t have to hunt down a local pharmacy and use Google Translate to figure out what you need. 

Stay Up To Date With Vaccines 

Our immune systems are amazing, but they’re not all-powerful. But thanks to modern medicine, we can boost them, and all it takes is a little prick. Being up-to-date with vaccines can help you get through your vacation without a runny nose, or worse. 

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Some vaccines, such as the one against yellow fever, are mandatory for people traveling to certain destinations. Even getting a booster flu shot can help you fight off any germs you might encounter and stay healthy throughout the trip.

Avoid Foods That Might Not Sit Well 

One thing we love about traveling to other countries is exploring their culinary offerings. Every culture has its signature dishes and ingredients, so skip McDonald’s and explore the local cuisine. However, some foods should be avoided. 

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If you come across a restaurant or street food stall selling food you don’t think you’ll tolerate well, it might be best to skip it. You don’t want to end up wrapped around the toilet for days just because you ate a bad skewer. 

Don’t Sacrifice Sleep 

Traveling by plane takes so much out of us because it messes with our sleep schedules. Some flights depart too early, while others too late, and if you take a red-eye, there’s no way you’re getting good quality rest. 

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That’s not even taking into account the jet lag! Missing out on sleeping time is bound to bring your immune system down and make you more prone to catching something. That’s why it’s always a good idea to prioritize rest. Sightseeing can wait a few hours. 

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