Considering An American Road Trip? These Must-See Stops Will Give You The Ultimate Experience

While it’s practically impossible to explore America on a single road trip, you can pick a route and explore different destinations as you journey. Lined with neon signs, famous landmarks, and roadside diners, the historic Route 66 is one of the best routes for an American road trip. Read on to discover the best destinations along the ‘Mother Road.’

The Painted Desert

As the name suggests, the painted desert is a picturesque combination of beautiful colors. From lavenders and oranges to dark greys and pinks, the desert’s landscape looks like a brilliant painting. You might want to bring your camera to take pictures.

The Painted Desert (Location, Facts & Visitor's Guide) | Visit ArizonaCourtesy: Visit Arizona

You should go in the evening when the sunset makes the rocks glow. This vast region of brightly colored, rocky badlands is enough reason to tour Route 66. The Painted Desert is in Indiana Wells, Arizona.

Lou Mitchell’s Diner

What’s a fun road trip without exquisite diners? Whether you want to fill yourself up for the journey ahead or recharge after many hours of road-tripping, there are many famous diner options for you to choose from.

Lou Mitchell's Restaurant | Route 66Courtesy: Route 66

However, Lou Mitchell’s diner stands out; it is often called the ‘First Stop on the Mother Road.’ The restaurant has been known for its excellent light pancakes and all-American delicacies for about a century. Lou Mitchell’s Diner is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Route 66 Museum

Road-tripping along the historic Route 66 without learning about its history would be incomplete, wouldn’t it? It would help if you stopped at Clinton’s Route 66 Museum for a historical touch. You’d be amazed by the several exciting stories you’ll discover.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum | Oklahoma Historical SocietyCourtesy: Oklahoma Historical Society

You won’t forget the ‘Dust Bowl’ experience at the museum and unique Road 66-related exhibits. You’ll also enjoy some Big Band music alongside historical exhibits. There are also other museums along the road to explore. The Route 66 Museum is located in Clinton, Oklahoma.

Meramec Caverns

Another major highlight while driving through Route 66 is the Meramec Caverns. These caverns are one of the most visited caverns in the whole of Missouri. With a tour guide, explore these caverns and explore the rich history behind them. 

Things to Do At and Near Meramec Caverns! It's Worth the Trip!Courtesy: Gypsywithadayjob

At the Meramec Caverns, you’ll find artifacts that date back to pre-Columbian Native American times. The erosion of limestone sediments for millions of years created the Meramec Caverns. The cave system covers over 4.5 miles. The caverns are located in Stanton, Missouri.


St. Louis and the Gateway Arch

If you start your Route 66 road trip from Chicago, St. Louis is your first or second stop. You might find the St. Louis Cardinals in the middle of a baseball game- you could watch them for a while, then head to the park.

A Brief History Of The Gateway Arch In St. LouisCourtesy: Culture Trip

Spend time hiking through the Forest Park, but don’t miss the city’s delicacies. You can take the over-600-foot ride to the top of the Gateway Arch for a perfect vantage of the area. The Gateway Arch is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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