Do You Dream of Swimming With Dolphins? Discover the Best Places to Fulfill Your Fantasies

Dolphins are beautiful, intelligent, and huge creatures. They are known to be able to relate with humans and are usually a common sight in the ocean. Getting to swim with these enormous creatures will be a dream come true for many. For those interested in swimming with dolphins, we will discuss five top destinations to fulfill your desires in this post.


Hawaii is one of the top-rated holiday destinations in the world, and this is another reason to love it. There are also lots of activities for anybody to enjoy. Visitors get to swim or dive with dolphins (spotted, bottlenose, and spinner), see sea turtles nesting, and even go through natural lava tubes.

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Hawaii also has plenty of other wildlife, from turtles and pilot whales to manta rays, sharks, and orcas. Dolphins are sighted all through the year, so you can visit anytime. However, it’s usually better to visit during winter.

Aliwal Shoals

Located in South Africa and also known as The Sardine Run, the Aliwal is an excellent place to enjoy an encounter with dolphins. Due to the great amount of migrating sardines, thousands of dolphins and other wildlife are attracted and come to feast. Visitors can also choose to dive and witness the hunt of the sardines.

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Aliwal shoals have an abundance of different creatures that are also visible to visitors. Some of these animals are tunas, whales (humpbacks), and sharks. While dolphin sightings are common year-round, the best time to visit is between May and July to experience the sardine run.


The Bimini in the Bahamas is one of the best places in the Americas to swim with dolphins. The Bimini waters are warm, clear, and shallow, with sure dolphin sightings. Tour operators are also familiar with different sites where you can enjoy an experience with dolphins of different species like the striped, spotted, and spinner.

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The Bahamas is filled with other wildlife creatures, especially sharks like the Whitetip, Tiger, Oceanic, and Bull sharks. You can visit the Bimini any time of the year, as dolphin pods are sighted throughout the year.

Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat is located in Indonesia and is another place to enjoy swimming with dolphins, especially for experienced divers. The water is warm, making swimming and other activities comfortable. You can swim with various species of dolphins like the spinner, spotted, Risso, and bottlenose dolphins.

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Other wildlife commonly spotted in the Raja Ampat are sharks, false killer whales, manta rays, and pilot whales. The Raja Ampat will leave you with experiences you won’t forget. The best time to visit this island covered with thick jungles is between October and April.

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is located on the Red Sea in Egypt. With clear waters ensuring visibility and healthy reefs, the Marsa Alam is a top-notch place to swim with dolphins. You can dive or snorkel at famed sites close to these reefs that are known to house lots of dolphins. From Spinner to bottlenose and others, all are usually sighted.

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Apart from dolphins, the Red Sea is home to different species of fish and aquatic creatures, allowing you to see other sea animals like Turtles, Whitetips, and many others. The best time of the year to visit this site is between May and July, although sightings are guaranteed year-round.

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