Don’t Have “Tourist” Written on Your Forehead: Discover How To Blend In When Traveling To These Countries

Even if you don’t look like citizens of a place, you wouldn’t want to be too different from the locals. Different countries have distinct ways of dressing, and learning their dress mode helps you plan properly. There are also clothes you should not wear while visiting specific locations. In this post, we bring you tips on how to dress like a local in five different cities.


Jerusalem is quite a religious city; it has many sacred sites that attract tourists and locals. As a result, provocative and revealing dresses like short skirts and tops with low cuts are simply wrong. You might get lots of hostile stares.

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You’ll enjoy your trip more if you dress just like they do– conservatively. So what should you wear? Generally, your clothing should cover your knees, chest, and shoulders. So you can wear trousers, shirts, long gowns and any other dress that fits.


One of the places that attract lots of tourists yearly is Thailand because it has lots of excellent beaches and rich cultures. While Thailand has no particular dress code, the locals frown at clothes that reveal shoulders, thighs, and cleavage.

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The weather in Thailand is usually hot, so you can wear light clothes but ensure your dress doesn’t show too much skin. You should wear T-shirts, skirts, trousers, and anything that, at least, gets to your knee and covers your shoulders.


Egypt is primarily an Islamic nation. Skin-tight clothes and dresses above the knee are out of place in the country. If you put on a revealing outfit, you will successfully attract unwanted attention, and also locals won’t happily relate with you.

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Egyptians are religious people; you won’t want to offend anyone at religious sites with your clothes. So, if you are interested in visiting Egypt, we advise you to wear long and loose clothing like baggy skirts and pants, long-sleeved shirts, and anything that covers most body parts.


The French capital, known as the city of love, is a fashionable spot. In Paris, there are no strict rules concerning dressing. However, wearing shorts, sweatpants, and colorful backpacks will attract unwanted attention in the busy city.

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It would be best if you put on clothes similar to the locals to avoid a situation where you stand out as a vulnerable tourist. The common clothes you can style in Paris are jeans, T-shirts with cool colors, and leather shoes.

The Caribbeans 

One of the most exotic places on the planet! Wearing button-down shirts, high heels, jewelry, and heavy jackets would distinguish you from the locals. You can wear them, but you’ll look very different from the locals. Is that the only reason not to?

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Most locals of these islands aren’t affluent, so if you wear jewelry and other extravagant outfit, you’re calling for unwanted dangerous attention. Instead, it would help if you tried very excellent and simple wear like tank tops, light T-shirts and shorts.

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