From Japanese Curry To Sushi, Don’t Miss These Delicacies When Visiting Japan

Every country has unique foods and drinks that make you want to go there. When it comes to Japan, the list of delicacies is endless. Interestingly, many of these delicacies are less popular; they are more than the few you always see in movies. Here are five Japanese foods you should try if you find yourself in Japan.

Japanese Curry

Although we always associate curry with Indian food, the Japanese love curry just as much. There are many curry restaurants around every town and little curry shops in train stations where you can order your curry from a machine and then go sit inside.

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You can choose your spice level (from 0 to 10) at most curry shops. Although curry didn’t originate in Japan, it’s still part of the cultural experience and worth a taste.


Melonpan is a special soft Japanese sweet bread named for its melon-like shape. Occasionally, you can find a Melonpan actually filled with a melon-flavored filling.

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The famously adorable whale-shaped treat is almost too cute to eat. We love the fact that they make their bread so silky, soft, and smooth.


Believe us when we say this: This will become your favorite sweet treat in Japan. Kakigori consists of frozen strawberries or mangos shaved in a shave ice machine and then topped with sweetened condensed milk.

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The fact that fruit is expensive in Japan makes this shaved fruit snack even more appealing and cost-effective. We can’t do without mentioning that Kakigori has a taste like none other.


With all the good Japanese food to choose from, ramen is possibly the most famous and widely eaten dish in the country. Ramen is a staple in the Japanese diet and a must when visiting.

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There are many good ramen places in every city or region of Japan you visit. However, we recommend looking for local patrons for a truly exotic experience. Here’s a trick: The milkier the broth, the better the taste!


No trip to Japan would be complete without a trip to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. When you eat conveyor belt sushi in Japan, you simply take the sushi you want off the belt. Hama Zushi is a famous place to get sushi in Japan.


However, Hama Zushi doesn’t use conveyor belts. You’ll have to tell the robot how many are in your party, and he will let you know when your table is ready. Being common doesn’t make this unique delicacy less tasty.

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