Want To Visit Brussels? These Are The Fun Facts You Need to Know Before Your Vacation

Bruxelles ma belle (Brussels, my beauty) as the French song goes. The city is definitely worth visiting. It’s definitely not your typical destination! While it can be compared to France, the country right next to it, Brussels and Paris have two distinct vibes. If people go to Paris to be romantic and enjoy the luxurious vibe, you would go to Brussels to enjoy some fries on the go while exploring the art on the walls. You will also enjoy taking a picture with the Manneken Pis and his sister. Oh, you don’t know who they are? This article is definitely for you then! Let us show you a side of Brussels you have never heard about. We decline all responsibilities if after this article you hop on a plane for Brussels! Oops.

Manneken and Janneke Pis

Paris might be famous for the Eiffel Tower, and China for its Great Wall but no one can beat Belgium and the Manneken Pis. Wait, you don’t know what the Manneken Pis is? It’s this tiny boy peeing. Like literally, it’s a statue, symbol of Brussels,that pisses.

People from around the world come to take a picture with it. What many people don’t know is that a few streets from there is Jeanneke Pis. Can you guess? Yup, it’s the feminine version of the Manneken Pis, his sister. What do you think?

Beer and more beer

Belgium is famous for its beer, more than 400 types of beers!! Isn’t it impressive? It’s amongst the best beers in the whole world. So, it goes without saying that if you are visiting Brussels, you can definitely try one, or more of them.

You are not a fan of the bitter taste of beer? It’s alright, there are fruity beers that are sweet and will ravish your taste. But did you know you could find a bar with more than 2000 beers available? Indeed! Right in the heart of Brussels at the Delirium. Cheers to that!

Oldest shopping arcade in Europe

Brussels might be tiny, only 33 square km! But it has a long history and many buildings have been preserved very well. You can find it in Brussels, the oldest shopping arcade in Europe! Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert/ Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen refers to the galleries of the King and Queens.

The arcade is a beautiful place, full of artisans’ shops displaying their art; hats, gloves, chocolate, and waffles. It’s definitely worth seeing. The gallery is very popular and is a hot spot for aspiring writers, artists, and intellectuals. Let yourself get inspired.

Comic strips

Belgium has been a pioneer in developing comics. The country is famous for its peculiar comic strips called Bande déssinée in French. The Smurfs? Tintin? XIII? Lucky Luck? All Belgians! Belgians are very creative it seems!

The country is very proud of its art. There are multiple classified arts, and the 9th art refers to comics. What is the fun fact in all this? Brussels is full of street art representing the most famous Belgian characters. Keep your eyes open and click some pictures.

Restaurants and more restaurants!

128 restaurants per square mile! You definitely won’t starve in Belgium! Not only can you enjoy some fries on the go thanks to the many Fritkots (places selling portions of fries to go). The country is famous for some sea dishes.


The Moules Frites (mussels fries), the crevette grises mayonnaise (Belgian grey shrimps with some mayonnaise). There is something for everyone! Don’t forget to leave some space for some delicious waffles, chocolate, pastries, and cakes. Yum, dinner is served!

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