Go Viral Posing at The Most Instagrammable Sites Across the World

The purpose of a vacation varies for individuals. For some, vacations are a getaway from the hustle and bustle of their daily routine, while for others, taking Instagram-worthy pictures is the priority. Regarding picturesque locations, there is a long list to choose from. You can get confused about where to go. We’ve compiled five best picture-worthy locations for your next vacation.

Santorini, Greece

You’ve probably encountered this location on your Instagram feed at least a few times. This island is known for its picturesque white-and-blue aesthetic. With its stunning architecture and beaches, it’s your best bet if you’re looking to get the perfect ocean-side pictures.First time Santorini: top tips for your first trip - Lonely Planet

Courtesy: Lonely Planet

As the “gem of Greece,” as this place is popularly known, it gets millions of tourists yearly and is mainly packed during the high seasons like summer. However, commonly visited parts of Santorini are expensive, so it might not be worth the photo-op.

Ko’olau Mountains, Hawaii

The Ko’olau Mountains are one of the picturesque spots in Hawaii, located on the island of Oahu. It offers attractions such as Makapu’u Beach, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach. It’s the perfect place for beach photos with a dash of greenery.

 Koolau Mountain Range Hawaii by Ava | Hawaii mountains, Hawaii, Oahu Courtesy: Pinterest

You can experience the mountains on a drive, with scenic pull-offs and lookouts. The different trails are for specific hiking levels. For a complete experience of the mountains, tourists sometimes use helicopters. The scenery here is simply like none other.

Piazza San Marco Canal View

If you love history and beautiful architecture, Venice is an incredible vacation destination. Piazza San Marco is a famous public square in Venice, known for its famed architecture and surrounding buildings. Every part of the square is picturesque and Instagram-worthy.

Piazza San Marco | Attractions in Venice

Courtesy: Time Out

You cannot eat or drink in Piazza San Marco, so ensure you eat before visiting the square. Also, Venice experiences flooding sometimes; when this happens, people would have to walk along elevated walkways. So, don’t let the flood hold you back.  

Eiffel Tower, France

If you haven’t heard about this, you’re probably living under a rock. If you’d love to take a picture with “The Iron Lady,” there are lots of locations to get the perfect view of the tower in your photos. But which is the best?

Review of Eiffel Tower | Paris, France - AFAR Courtesy: AFAR

Trocadéro is the best location for a sunrise image. Sitting on the stairs with the Tower in the background is a stunning and quite popular shot; you can also go down the steps for a water feature that will surely look good in your photos.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

These are the two most famous landmarks in Australia and the most picture-worthy places in Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge spans one of the globe’s finest natural harbors, and the Opera House is a performing arts center in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge | The world in images Courtesy: Martin Mergili

Head down to Circular Quay on a sunny day to take in the spectacular views and capture every single moment. You could also go at night to get a more colorful view. You don’t want to visit these places without your camera.

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