Choo Choo: A Complete Guide and Tips for Traveling By Train

Railway systems can be much bigger than you think. It doesn’t always go only from a capital city to the suburbs or between two national stations. Especially in Europe, you can travel almost everywhere! Yes, they go across countries! They even offer a Euro pass so you can travel all over Europe taking any train. How amazing is that! On top of that, it’s affordable! Travelling by train is a cheaper way to travel and that many people enjoy. It gives more flexibility, maybe more comfort. Make sure you read the following tips. They will help you in case your plans have to change, you get hungry or want to know how you can save on ticket fees. Keep on reading. Tchoo Tchoo, all aboard!

Always have a plan B

As much as we would love to be able to rely on the railway companies, there are often delays and incidents. Do not let it mess up your whole trip! Make sure you arrive at the station on time and check regularly the timetable.

Should something happen, know what to do. Are there any other trains you can take? Will you make it on time? Maybe you can even think of alternative transport, bus, metro, tram. It’s better to overthink than be stuck somewhere.

Get it for cheaper!

You will find that many rail companies have discounts. Make sure you are checking if you fit in any of the categories with preferential fees. It’s definitely worth it and you can make great savings on it. But that’s not all!

They also participate in Black Friday and other sales days. Join their newsletter to hear from them. You can also check if they have summer passes or other types of passes that would be worth your money.

Don’t underestimate the comfort

We all think we can handle being cramped in a train for hours with no seat or minimal comfort. The truth is that we can’t. Even with the best attitude, at some point, our body is just tired and we need some space.

That is especially if you onboard a long train journey. Is there a big difference between the basic and upgraded seats? Sometimes it’s best to pay extra just to ensure we have a seat and some comfort. It could definitely ruin your day to stand up during the whole train journey.

Hide your belongings

How many awful stories have we heard of people falling asleep on the train and waking up with no bags left? This is unfortunately a reality and happens more often than we think! Get prepared. If possible, avoid peculiar laptop bags, and camera bags with gives aways directly that it’s expensive materials.

Try putting them in bigger bags. Invest in a good locker. Some people even invested in tracking devices in case it gets stolen so they could follow the bag’s journey. This is extreme but this reminds you well how frequent this can be. Most importantly, keep an eye on your bags at ALL TIME.

Get snacks

Not all trains are like Harry Potter’s ones where someone will travel wagon after wagon with a snack trolley. Sometimes you will get nothing because it’s not an option at all. Prepare ahead, and get some snacks.

Please, get some substantial snacks not only candies. A train trip can be long and you might skip a meal so make it up for it. You can find food in stations so try heading there earlier to pick some things. As a general rule, try always having biscuits in your bag.

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