How To Pick the Right Luggage Based on Your Travel Plans

Your luggage should improve your travel experience, fitting everything you need without becoming too heavy or difficult to maneuver. And, of course, it should be sturdy enough that you can trust it will protect your possessions. There are endless colors and styles to choose from, but it’s smart to consider the practicalities before choosing. Here are the important factors to help you decide which luggage is right for you.


The luggage material goes a long way in determining if it’s suitable for you. Many people prefer hard-side bags because they are more durable and take more of a beating; they are also more protective.

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On the other hand, soft side or fabric bags are often flexible and can stretch more around the edges. They offer you more room or when you buy souvenirs on your trip. Soft side bags are best for vacations, while hard ones are better for work-related travel.


Even if you’re not a frequent traveler, you’ve probably noticed that practically all luggage at the airport is black. Most travelers prefer black luggage because it hides dirt better. But this may have a disadvantage.

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It’s very easy to confuse one bag with another since they are the same color. Having a color that stands out from the crowd, or a distinguishing luggage tag, is a good choice when traveling to a high-traffic location.


Suitcases with two wheels tend to be lighter but have the risk of tipping over if they’re not balanced. However, they can easily yank over a curb to maneuver uneven streets. They are better for traveling to rural areas.

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On the other hand, four wheels will stand upright, plus they are easier to pull sideways on a plane without hitting all the passengers as you find your seat. However, the convenience comes at a price- they take up more space.


Airlines are getting more stringent on weight restrictions for luggage. If the suitcase itself weighs a lot, you have to pack less stuff or pay more for the privilege.

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You should consider a bag made of lightweight materials- it will serve you well. Even when you fill a lightweight bag with all your stuff, it’s still easier to lift or drag than a bag that is already so heavy without any load.


Nobody wants to drag a large luggage with a broken handle around town, that’s why you should buy sturdy handles. Luggage with handles on the top and side is particularly practical. These extra handles make lifting your suitcase on and off check-in scales and baggage carousels easier.

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Most top handles are telescopic and can be extended into multiple positions for optimum user comfort. They are also retractable for pushing down when not in use. Regardless of the handle type, investing in a quality brand is important.

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