Jet-Set and Binge-Watch: TV Shows to Fuel Your Wanderlust

It’s such a beautiful thing to explore different parts of the world, experience other cultures, and taste exotic delicacies. However, we don’t always get the time or budget for that- that’s why we explore them through travel shows. From hawker stalls in Singapore to BBQ joints in Charleston, you can follow stars like the late Anthony Bourdain to different exotic places. Here are five shows about travel (and eating) for you to watch.

Long Way Up

For almost two decades, Ewan McGregor has been satisfying us with thrilling travel shows- it started with the 2004 series “Long Way Round.” This time, he’s exploring South and Central America with his friend, Charley Boorman.

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They explore 13,000 miles from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Los Angeles- and of course, it will be on their bikes. Pitfalls and beautiful sceneries add to the thrill. “Long Way Up” is free to watch with an Apple TV+ subscription.


Does the idea of a travel show that explores gay cultures sound interesting to you? In “Gaycation,” director Ian Daniel and actor Elliot Page travel to different places to see what being LGBTQ+ means.


They travel to Japan, Brazil, Jamaica, and the U.S., to see what being queer is like around the world. This docuseries highlights things like crime rates, friendship weddings, and religion in global LBTQ+ communities. 

Somebody Feed Phil

Hosted by Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” this Netflix original is about the food culture of different cities. Although the show has been called ‘impossibly optimistic,’ it hasn’t made us enjoy it any less.

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The show is about Phil, who eats his way through New Orleans, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Dublin, Mexico City, and Cape Town. You can watch all seasons on Netflix.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

If you’re looking for a show that helps you dive deep into a country’s cuisine instead of briefly exploring different delicacies, this fictional show is a great choice. The show is about the experiences inside a Midnight Diner that opened from midnight to 7 am.

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The diner’s owner, called Master, cooks whatever guests want as long as he has the needed supplies; pork miso is the usual choice. It’s the kind of show you shouldn’t watch while hungry. This show is available on Netflix.

Parts Unknown

We can’t talk about travel shows without mentioning the late Anthony Bourdain. The chef and travel personality has appeared in many travel shows, but “Parts Unknown” is one of his best. It’s not all about food- it involves history and culture too.

Courtesy: Rotten Tomatoes

The travel show has 12 seasons- the last season was aired posthumously. In the show, Anthony explored the Mississippi Delta, Andes (with Eric Ripert), Hanoi (with Barack Obama, the President at that time), and other indigenous places. You can watch the show on at $3 per episode.

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