Make a List and Check Twice: Don’t Forget to Pack These Items on a Camping Trip

Sure, camping is always exciting. But what about the packing aspect? Not so much fun. You can’t wait to get on the road, so you just rush the whole thing with a side plan to buy whatever you happen to forget. Most of these items are very expensive and may be unavailable where you’re traveling. Here are some essential camping items that you might forget.

As the sun sets…

It’s common for people to forget a headlamp- until the sun starts to set. Headlamps make it easier for you to navigate your campsite when it’s dark. It is one of the most essential camping items you’ll need.

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Especially when you’re planning a longer camping trip, the type of headlamp you bring is also important. Rechargeable headlamps that use batteries are the best because they’ll be effective even in emergencies.

For a blissful cup of joe

If you’re camping in the winter, it gets even colder because you’re outside. This means hot beverages become cool in a few seconds. Well, you could evade the outdoor effect by bringing this item- it helps you enjoy a warm cup of coffee on a winter morning.

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Keeping your hot drink in a thermos jar keeps it warm for longer. On the other hand, a thermos jar can keep your cold drink cool for a long time in the summer. Whether you want it warm or cold, a thermos jar is vital.

Ensuring water safety

There is practically no camping site without a water source; there are always lakes and rivers to get drinking water from. However, the available water may contain some bacteria or germs. That’s why it’s vital to have a way of filtering water.

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The easiest way to filter your drinking water is by bringing a water filtration bottle. A water filtration bottle has a system that filters bacteria out of your drinking water. No one wants to fall sick out in the backcountry.

A more mobile shelter

Generally, many people only bring tents for camping trips. While tents provide adequate shelter, they don’t allow you to sleep directly under the sun. The good thing is that this mobile shelter allows you to enjoy the sunlight as you relax.

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You can hang a hammock between the trees and enjoy a leisurely nap while enjoying the sun’s warmth. The best hammocks are those that are lightweight. If you’re going with a partner, you should get the double size- you’ll be glad you did.

Ward off fun-ruining insects

Regardless of your camping destination, there would surely be insects native to the area. From sleeping at night to exploring the area in the day, it’s important to keep insects away. You don’t want to put your health at risk while camping.

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Priming yourself with a bug spray helps you ward off bugs and other insects. These sprays help you keep pestering insects away- not just bugs. However, you should look out for sprays that don’t bombard your skin with chemicals before you choose.

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