Make The Most Of Your Time in The Hamptons With These Activities

Can you imagine a summer vacation spot in New York without thinking of The Hamptons? Of course not. Located in Suffolk County, The Hamptons are a group of small hamlets that constitute the South Fork of Long Island. The fantastic beaches serve as a perfect escape from the stress of the busy city. For the most exciting vacation experience, discover the five best things to do.

Locate the best restaurants

Aside from the beautiful beaches, the Hamptons are known for mouth-watering delicacies. Even if your lodge offers food 24/7, visiting The Hamptons is incomplete without visiting different restaurants. The experience is too good for you to miss out on.

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From dessert houses and beachside diners to gourmet diners, there are different options for you to explore. These restaurants are always ready to serve you exotic or local dishes and desserts that will highlight your visit to the summer vacation spot.

Go sightseeing on bikes

There are many quaint villages in the Hamptons that strolling around won’t be effective. With bikes, you can go to different places and experience the charm of the Hamptons in full dose. You don’t even have to bring your bike.

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You can rent a bike in different places; ask one or two locals for the closest rental place near your hotel or rental home. We recommend biking on Gin Lane for the best picturesque views. Biking the shoreline also promises an unforgettable adventure.

Learn a bit about the culture

Although you’re probably in the Hamptons to relax, combining sightseeing with cultural knowledge would be great. You could learn about the culture of the Shinnecock people, especially if you’re around Southampton. A touch of history makes your vacation more exciting.

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You could visit Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum. There are over 1,000 Native American Shinnecock people residing in the area; there is a fascinating history to learn. You could also discover their art and crafts by visiting the museum.

Indulge your tastebuds with wines

Another thing people know the Hamptons for is the variety of wines. Wine tasting is another irresistible activity you have to try in the Hamptons. While there are several vineyards in the Hamptons, some are famous for offering top-notch wine varieties.

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The Wölffer Estate, between Easthampton and Southampton, offers different excellent wine varieties. There are also other vineyards to give you a delicious experience. You might combine these award-winning wines with cheese or chocolate for the ultimate taste.

Visit a salt cave

Visiting the salt caves in the Hamptons is a great way to relax after sightseeing activities. They also show you the more relaxed side of the Hamptons. Many people, both residents and vacationers, believe the salt caves possess healing powers.

Courtesy: Hampton Salt Cave

The belief is that these salt caves help with allergy and stress problems. Intimate sessions at these caves help you meditate; they last about an hour- book them in advance. Wearing shoes in the salt caves is not allowed.

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