All Aboard: Everything You Need to Know When Planning a Cruise Vacation

All aboard! Whilst we have all seen Titanic and have dreamed of being at the tip of a boat with a handsome lover to hug us romantically, we have all seen what happens to the boat. Let us reassure you, this is rare, and you are most likely going to be just fine, maybe even re-enacting that romantic scene. We love some holiday fling, don’t you? Cruises are a one-in-a-lifetime experience to tick off your bucket list. You’ll travel, waking up every day at a different location. Isn’t that amazing? Whether you have your ticket already or want to hop on a big boat, let us give you some planning tips! Keep on reading.

Get medicine

If you are used to the sea, the chances you’ll get seasick are low. Low but possible especially if the boat tangs a lot. If it’s your first cruise, you might get seasick pretty quickly. Avoid that! Prepare yourself and get some medicine for that.

We would also recommend you get some general remedies, for tummy aches, headaches, and so on. And most importantly, if you take treatments, make sure you have enough of them! You will literally be in the middle of the ocean without a pharmacy close.

Look at the activities and port stops

There are so many types of cruises you could do! For families, singles, retired, themed, and so on! Make sure you know about it before booking. Look also for the activities on board, a cruise can be pretty boring if there are no activities for you to do.

Pay attention as well to the port stops you will be doing. Will you even do some? Where? For how long? You don’t have to go ashore every time. You can find the program of the cruise prior and make your research to see what interests you.

The earlier the better

Cruises are expensive! The more you wait, the worse it gets. Not only might you not have a good room if you even find one at all, but it will cost you a lot. When it comes to cruises, look at the port of departure. Some are cheaper.

Most importantly, book your cruise in advance! They usually open months if not a year prior to the departure date. Keep your eyes on the one you want so you can book it as soon as it goes on sale. Look for early deals, and discounts and enjoy!

Make it worth

Cruises are one thing to do at least once in a lifetime. It’s a different type of holiday, everyone is on a boat, and you get to meet people and see multiple landscapes. But! It’s also important to make sure you choose the right cruise.

We have talked before about the different types of cruises existing, the budget it might require. You need to pay attention to details and think ahead. Will you like it? Is it out of your budget? You’ll spend a lot of time with the same people, including people you are travelling with if any, is it a good idea?

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