Planning For A Trip? Don’t Forget To “Pack” These Travel Apps

Not sure what to put in your Tinder bio? We suggest “Wanderlust” or anything related to traveling to convey the message. Traveling is just such a sought-after hobby that people have left no stone unturned in making it one of the largest industries in the world. As enriching and rewarding traveling might be, one thing that always accompanies your pleasant experiences is hassles. Especially if you are in another country, communicating with the locals, navigating your way through the city, and finding decent hotels on a budget seem impossible. Well, not anymore! These five mobile applications are all you need if you are planning a trip to make your vacation stress-free and affordable.


Moving around in a new city and not sure which route to take? Citymapper is your best buddy! Citymapper gives you real-time updates about all alternate routes to your destination while showing you the fastest way.

Credits: CityMapper

“Duh, Google Maps can do that too!” Well, can Google Maps provide you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to find the next bus/train and provide you with a chat feature to update your loved ones about your location? Probably not!


Good at planning trips but not at planning what to pack? PackPoint has got you covered! Get a customized list of essentials that you should pack for your trip based on your location, destination, travel dates, and weather conditions.

Credits: Packpoint

You can refer to this list when packing for a trip to a place you’ve never been before. The technology of PackPoint is reliable and tells you all the essentials you might need. Much better than the “We’ll see when we get there” method.


Phone service is definitely one of the major issues that tourists experience when traveling in a foreign country. You either search for WiFi signals wherever you go, or purchase a SIM and rack up your phone bills.

Credits: Rebtel

Say hello to Rebtel and goodbye to your problems! Rebtel lets you connect to local phone lines without looking for the Internet everywhere you go and allows you to make international calls at a decent charge.

If there’s something that knows how to ruin a trip, it’d be flight layovers. We could deal with an hour or two, but what is one supposed to do during a 5-hour layover in a city they know nothing about?


Dayuse tells you what! Book a hotel at up to 75% lower price and try all of their amenities while paying for just a few hours of your stay rather than the overnight stay. Plus, it offers free last-minute cancellations. How much better does it get?


Road trips can be an amazing experience with the right people and on the right roads. However, one thing that fends people off the idea of a road trip is the skyrocketing price of fuel.

Credits: Gasbuddy

GasBuddy is your best budget saver when it comes to saving money on gas. It helps users explore the cheapest fueling stations en route to their destination. Now you can carefully plan and save up a lot and say yes to that road trip!

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