Scandinavian Vibes Only: You’d Think These American Airbnbs Are in Europe

The streets of America and Europe don’t necessarily look alike. Europe is undeniably unique, with extremely high cathedrals, cobblestone streets, and towering castles. However, traveling to Europe might not be in the cards for you this year or anytime soon. The good news is that you don’t have to be in Europe to feel the Scandinavian vibes. Here are five American Airbnbs where you can feel European vibes.

The Castle Gatehouse, Bolton

This beautiful space, located about three minutes away from Lake George, is ornately decorated to make you feel like you’re in another world. Featuring antlers and wooden furniture, this space looks like a dream.

Courtesy: Highlands Castle

It offers guests motorized reclining sofas, a full-size kitchen, a family room, a 65-inch television, and other amazing amenities. With two private bathrooms, two king beds, a twin bed, and a full bed, it’s a place you can go with your clique for a European experience.

The Artist’s Loft, Central New York

This is another Airbnb that would make you feel like you were in a Scandinavian country. Although it’s situated in central New York, this loft features cool furnishings that make it look like a home in Amsterdam.

Courtesy: Pinterest

With a queen-sized bed, vintage art, and other unique treasures, the artist’s loft is perfect for a laid-back European experience. You could take pictures and tell people you went to Holland– they’ll believe it!

Burai-An Church House, Aurora, NY

You’ll agree with us that many of Europe’s most popular magnificent buildings are cathedrals. That’s what makes this former church that has been converted into a home one of the best places to feel European vibes.

Courtesy: Airbnb

This space offers a comfortable stay, featuring a baby grand piano, a gourmet kitchen, a large-screen television, a full-size competitive pool table, and four bedrooms. With the stained glass windows and hardwood floors, the European feel is undeniable.

The Summer House, Mohnton

Many couples head over to Paris for a romantic getaway, but you don’t have to be in France to feel the romantic French vibes. This small summer house was originally built in the mid-1800s but has recently been renovated.

Courtesy: Airbnb

With a rustic stone fireplace and a modern kitchen, this home is perfect for an intimate getaway with your partner. Although the summer house features some modern amenities, it gives guests the romantic simplicity of France.

The Gorgeous Apartment, Kips Bay

Located close to Gramercy Park, this beautiful park perfectly combines Europe’s luxury and America’s modern trappings. The apartment features a luxurious interior decoration that gives you a feel of Europe.

Courtesy: Airbnb

With AC, heating, and Wi-Fi, the apartment offers all the comfort guests might need. However, it is rich in European luxury, from antiques and a deep claw foot tub to a classic four-poster bed and a wood-burning fireplace.

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