Thai Cuisine: These Are Five Delicious Dishes From The Land of Smiles That No One Should Miss

Are you planning to visit Thailand anytime soon? This unique tourist destination attracts 40 million travelers yearly thanks to its rich culture, diversity, and hospitality. Still, what tourists love the most about this place is its cuisine, renowned for its distinctive cooking style and sophisticated blend of herbs, spices, and fresh foods. Want to know what dishes you should try as soon as you arrive at the Land of Smiles? Then, grab some pen and paper, and read on to discover the tastiest Thai meals!

Pad Thai

If life was made of anagrams, symbols, and associations, we’re sure that the first thing that should come to everyone’s mind when we say “Thailand” is pad Thai. This delicious dish is one of the country’s national dishes and a go-to for any tourist.

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Usually paired with shrimp or chicken, this stir-fried rice noodle meal is available on almost every street corner and restaurant in Thailand. And you know what’s the best thing about it? It’s so cheap that you can get it for a dollar!

Kai jeow

Are you a vegetarian? If so, you may worry about not finding a tasty meal without meat in Thailand. However, there’s no need to fall in despair because one of the most common dishes in the Land of Smiles is actually veggie friendly.

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Kai jeow may seem like a simple dish at first, but it’s an excellent protein-rich quick meal for those vegetarians exploring the country. Usually served on rice accompanied with sweet chili sauce and vegetables, this Thai omelet is a feast for the senses!

Tom kha gai

Thai cuisine is pretty spicy; those not used to that kind of flavor may have difficulty finding a meal that doesn’t saturate their taste buds. Fortunately, Thailand offers dishes for people with a lower tolerance to spice.

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Tom kha gai is a sweet soup prepared with creamy coconut milk, chunks of sliced chicken breast, tomato, chili, bean sprouts, mushrooms, onion, and coriander. Can you imagine how flavorful that must be? Just thinking about it makes our mouths water!

Som tam

While Thailand’s warm temperatures throughout the year are part of its appeal, such weather conditions may discourage you from trying hot dishes. However, this isn’t a problem: Thai cuisine offers plenty of  fresh and light salads!

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One of them is som tam, a traditional dish consisting of shredded green papaya, tomatoes, peanuts, dried shrimp, garlic, and tamarind pulp mixed with a mortar and a pestle. No trip to the beautiful Land of Smiles is complete without trying this!

Pad krapow

Walking down Thai streets, you’re bound to come across different vendors serving all kinds of tempting dishes. However, pad krapow, an extra spicy meal that will make your mouth burn like never before, is a must try.

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This classic Thai staple is made using minced pork or chicken, which is stir-fried with basil and plenty of chilies to give it a sharp, peppery flavor and served with white rice and a fried egg. Blending everything together leaves you with an unforgettable meal!

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