These Christmas Themed Bars In NYC Are a Must Visit

From the glistening Christmas decorations to the busy streets, everyone is in high spirits to celebrate the festive season in NYC. A good way to celebrate is by visiting a Christmas-themed bar. You can sip cocktails in a small, cozy bar run by a few family members or an extravagant pop-up bar serving drinks you’ve never heard of. Whether you are looking for your regular mocktail or a new concoction, here are the top Christmas-themed bars you need to visit in NYC.

Loreley Beer Garden 

Located at 7 Rivington Street, New York, the Loreley Beer Garden is the largest outdoor heated beer garden and one of the most popular spots to get a drink in Manhattan. It is famous for its holiday cocktails, such as mulled wine, and its seasonal craft beer.

Courtesy: Loreley Beer Garden

It officially opened in 2003, and its design was inspired by the “Brauhaus” in Cologne (Köln). You can grab a drink this winter from their great selection of imported beers, wines, and spirits. You can also grab a meal from their elevated food bar while enjoying a heated outdoor garden.

The Cabin NYC

The Cabin NYC is a cozy, rustic space at 205 E 4th St, New York, NY 10009. Its wooden paneled walls and numerous windows give it a unique appearance over other similar restaurants. It is a cottage-like space with a full-service bar that serves delicious and special cocktails.

Courtesy: Thecabinnyc

They serve classic American dishes instead of the regular ol’ starters and main courses. Recently, Chef Dennis Aponte, the Chef-in-charge, introduced a new winter menu consisting of cocktails like The Dirty Snowman, Mulled Wine, and Seasonal Beer Blue Point Winter Ale.

Pete’s Tavern

If you are looking for a Christmas bar with a hint of history, Peter’s Tavern is perfect. Located at 129 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003, Pete’s Tavern has been around since 1864 and is widely known as the bar that survived the Great Prohibition by disguising itself as a flower shop.

Courtesy: affogato she goes

The best part of the bar is that it offers numerous kinds of spirits, cocktails, and even special bar concoctions. They also have a chios-friendly menu for kids and teens. It closes on Christmas day, although they encourage walk-ins so you can drink comfortably.

Miracle on 9th Street

This bar is on 9th Street in the East Village of New York City. It is one of the most famous holiday pop-up bars in New York City. They have a pop-up bar that offers Christmas-themed drinks and may only be open for one or two months during winter before closing.

Courtesy: TimeOut

This East Village bar features Christmas decor and well-crafted cocktails like Yuletide and Jingle Balls Nog. The drinks cost as much as $15 and may even cost more in certain cases. Among the long list of Christmas-inspired drinks, the Grinch is one of the most sought-after.

Oscar Wilde NYC

Oscar Wilde has some of the best Christmas decorations in the city. The Victorian-style design pays homage to the spirit of the Irish Playwright Oscar Wilde. The decorations include the traditional light and ornaments.

Courtesy: Oscar Wilde Nyc

They have an extensive wine list and are located on West 27th Street, New York. It was built in 1851 and remains one of the few establishments that survived the Alcohol Prohibition Act. They also have a well-lit fireplace that keeps the customers warm.

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