Too Good to Be True: These Islands Are So Beautiful You’d Argue They Are Fake

Every island screams ‘beauty’– they are islands, after all; but some are just so picturesque that they stand out among the rest. From brilliantly colorful beaches to amazing topography, some beaches just give you unforgettable views and experiences. Whether you’re planning an active adventure or some time to bask in the beauty of nature, here are the most beautiful options.


Even if you’re not a folklore enthusiast, you must have heard of where King Zeus was born, the island of Crete. Per Greek mythology, this island has been immortalized as a mystical island. But it’s not all about history.


The island of Crete features different jaw-dropping beaches that will make you want to extend your vacation. Aside from the beautiful island itself, tourists also get to enjoy amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the islands that make up French Polynesia- and it’s one of the most beautiful. People visit this island for many reasons, from honeymoons and solo vacations to snorkeling and celebratory trips.

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Located northwest of Tahiti, this island has a laid-back, indulgent feel to it. The coral reef-protected lagoon around Bora Bora adds calming bluish colors to the island. There are different luxury resorts for you to indulge yourself on the island.


Speaking of a wilderness that has remained in its raw form for centuries, Tasmania is an island that has been isolated from the mainland of Australia for about 10,000 years. This beautiful island meets the criteria of World Heritage more than any other place in the world.

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Tasmania features snow-capped mountains, interesting coastlines, and dense forests in a pristine but accessible wilderness. Some rare plants and animals infuse the island with vivid colors.


Vancouver Island is located on the Canadian west coast and is the top of an underwater mountain range. It is the holy grail of every outdoor lover, thanks to the several activities that can be done on the sophisticated island.

Courtesy: Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a mind-blowing destination, stretching from picturesque Victoria in the southwest to the beaches of Cape Scott in the northern part. The slowly curving beaches and snow-capped mountains are sights you won’t ever forget.


Located around the end of the Hawaiian archipelago, this rainy island is home to unbelievably beautiful beaches and landscapes. On the northwest shore of Kauai, you can see the Napali coast, which features 3,000-foot-high mountain cliffs that look like they are rising from the ocean floor.

Courtesy: Go Hawaii

You’ll also see the amazing Waimea Canyon, often called the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific.’ Another beautiful sight is the extinct 5,000-year-old volcano with its mist-covered peaks called Mount Wai ‘ale ‘ale. The waterfalls are also Instagrammable!

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