Don’t Be a Victim: How to Recognize and Avoid Tourist Scams

As much as we love the good things about traveling and exploring the world, we all know that it’s not all perfect. Some people will try to take advantage of you and extort as much money out of you as they can. Do not let them! It’s better to be aware of them so you can recognize them if you are ever in this situation. Many stories online share the awful experience and scams people have encountered. Besides looking online for specific scams related to your destination, we advise you to follow these tips. We have put together some of the most common scams and tips to avoid them. Read it carefully, and do not feel guilty if you fall for one. Scammers are good at manipulating, and that’s why it continues. Keep on reading!

Too good to be true

Have you been selected amongst hundreds of people for something free? Someone gives you something in your hands in the street? Avoid at all costs! As much as we would love to believe in people’s kindness, 99% of things handed to you by strangers are scams.

They will ask you for money directly after that. Even if you decline, they will say you have accepted it and now you have to pay. They target spots without security around so you can’t ask for help from an officer. Do not accept anything given to you by strangers.

Never heard of it

If someone comes to you and tells you there is a beautiful mind-blowing unknown from the public place that he wants to take you to, this should already give you a hint. Many scams involve taxi drivers or pretending-to-be guides.

They will try to convince you to follow them – don’t! The place doesn’t exist. And that is the reason why if you search for it online or in your guide, you won’t find it. If you have never heard of it and neither have others, it’s probably because it doesn’t exist.

No license

When buying tickets, getting in a taxi, or anything involved during your trip, make sure you purchase something legit. Even if it takes more time, search online, and get reviews about the services or products you are about to pay for.

Is it licensed? Are they official sellers? If you decide to go for it despite it, you might be scammed; you won’t be able to apply for a refund or file a complaint! Don’t have any regrets if you have to pay a higher price; the price from the scam was probably so low because it’s a scam.

Pressure to choose

Resist pressure! If you are not sure if you should buy/visit/eat somewhere, ask questions, look around, and search online. Many scammers will try to pressure you to buy from them RIGHT NOW.


They will pressure you by saying that you are wasting their time and missing out on a big thing. Let it be. If it is real, it doesn’t matter if you decide now or come back later. Take time to think – it’s when you are under pressure that they take advantage as you can’t think properly.

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