Where are We Going Next? Here’s Where to Look For Travel Inspiration and Ideas for Your Next Vacation

Do you know where you will go for your next vacation? You may want to change the way you travel, trying out new ways of traveling, different settings, or maybe with a different travel companion. The world is big, and there is a place somewhere waiting for your visit. You can get inspired for your next vacation in many ways, using forums, groups, recommendations, all-inclusive packages, and more. These will give you an amazing vacation, especially if it’s somewhere you would have never considered! You may end up inspiring others for their next vacation. If you need help choosing where to go, here are some tips on narrowing your search. Keep on reading, and get ready to pack your bags!


Forums are a great way to find people with the same interests or requirements as you. You can read about people’s last vacations, get some advice, and ask questions. It’s a great way to find inspiration.

Many people also include pictures of their trip so you can really have a good idea about if you would like it or not. They might even organize a group vacation that anyone can join. Don’t be shy to participate in conversations!


Social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp allow people to create groups. You can search for travel groups depending on your interest; many women join solo female traveling groups. Users can share their stories, ask for recommendations, and more.

It’s reassuring to see an active community you can rely on. So think about what kind of vacation you want and find a group accordingly. Just like in forums, don’t be shy; start slow, maybe like a few posts, leave some comments, and then post yourself.

Ask for recommendations

What is more trustworthy than our friends and colleagues? Ask people you know for recommendations. They will be able to tell you prices, their ups and downs, and show you a few pictures (hopefully not a whole PowerPoint).

They can give you great tips for an unforgettable trip abroad. Should your next vacation be different, like going camping or on a road trip, they can lend you a few supplies that will come in handy!

Bucket list

Some countries are said to be a must visit at least once in your life. It might include Japan, Italy, Thailand… There are many reasons why they are on a must-see list; read about the reasons, and give it a thought.

You can also create your own bucket list. What are the countries you would like to go to at least once in your life? You might realize that you can do it now or, on the contrary, that you should start saving money. Are any countries coming to your mind?


Sometimes it’s not so much about feeling inspired, it’s about having a great discount on vacations. Going on vacation can be expensive, with many things to pay for and plan.

So why not be inspired by last-minute deals? Maybe an all-inclusive? You might realize that you would have never thought about going there, but thanks to a great deal, you are happy having it done, and it might even surprise you!

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