Traveling for Wellness? Here Are the Hottest Spots for a True Restorative Retreat

People travel for different reasons, from pure leisure to exploration. However, in 2024, people will be traveling for wellness purposes. This means traveling for the sole purpose of treating the mind, body, and soul. Interestingly, most of the popular luxury travel destinations don’t offer the best wellness vacation opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore five amazing wellness retreat destinations.

Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat

Located in Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia, this retreat helps guests improve their wellness by engaging in many active and inactive activities. The retreat is based on the five pillars of health: sleep, fitness, detoxification, nutrition, and stress.

Courtesy: Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat

The program includes sunrise yoga, therapeutic massages, daily guided hikes through the Canadian Rockies, exercise classes, and nutritionist-planned spa cuisine. Even after your visit, the staff can still help you with health tips and newsletters.

Wilderness Mombo

Located in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, this camp offers an interesting wellness journey. Encompassing over 110,000 acres of landscape for guests to explore, Wilderness Mombo offers some of the best game viewing in the world.

Courtesy: andBeyond

You could spoil yourself with a full spa service or an in-room massage. The wood and canvas suite is set in a thicket of fig and large mangosteen trees, so you have a free view of zebras and elephants in the wraparound verandah.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences, Napa Valley

Located in Calistoga, California, this resort is a good place to help you focus on other things outside your busy life. The resort’s on-site winery, Elusa Winery, helps you train your palate to recognize different wine tastes.

Courtesy: Tripadvisor

At the resort, you can also attend to your skin issues with the oxygenating botanical facial developed by the local beauty brand Liv + Grace. You can also enjoy the five-course, seasonally-inspired dinners in a private space.

Conrad Punta de Mita

This spot is located in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. It’s your best option if you want an all-inclusive, traditional wellness package. The spa at Conrad Punta de Mita offers a cultural wellness practice that dates back 5,000 years at least.

Courtesy: TravelAge West

The spiritual and cultural purification practice is usually led by a local healer(curandero) and lasts for about 90 minutes. The healing practice often involves meditation, hot lava rocks, chanting, and herbal steam. Could wellness get more real?

Sensei Lana’i

Located in Lana’i City, Hawaii, this secluded place offers one of the best wellness retreats in the United States. This resort combines science and nature to improve guests’ wellness; it majors in three principles- move, nourish, and rest.

Courtesy: Sensei

If you want to go all the way, you can take the Sensei Sabbatical for more downtime. This resort offers amazing delicacies, spa treatments, strolls through an aesthetic garden, and outdoor sports by the ocean.

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