Merhaba! Everything You Need to Know For When Vacationing in Turkey

Millions of people live in Turkey, with Istanbul being the most crowded city. The most famous city even, although it is not the capital, is Ankara. Millions of people travel to the country each year, whether to enjoy the seaside or make city trips. You can even enjoy the mountains! Turkish food is one of the most flavorful cuisines that too often get reduced to solely the doner kebab. Visit it yourself, try other specialties, and meet the locals. Looking for romantic hot spots? Visit Cappadocia, the hot air balloon city. Many couples get engaged there, surrounded by dozens of hot air balloons. It’s a country that has so much to offer. Want to hear more about it? Keep on reading.

The food

Turkish food is more than your local doner kebab. Turkish food is full of flavors and spices. While some regions have their specificities, Turkish food is generally famous for its meat, which is tender and tasteful.

If you like Mediterranean food, you will love Turkish food. One famous dish is the Iskander, which combines tomato sauce, meat, yogurt, and bread. It is a delicious must-try, and there is even a restaurant in Istanbul that serves nothing else but it—tempted to try?

The weather

Turkey is a big country. You can go to the beach side, the mountains, urban cities, and rural cities. In general, the weather is warmer than in Europe. Even in winter, it will be slightly warmer in Turkey than in London.

This means that Turkey is a travel destination for all seasons. While summer will be packed in bigger cities and the seaside, you can expect winter to be less crowded. You just have to choose your type of vacation; all-inclusive? City trip? Mountain? Hot air balloon?

The history

Turkey has a long history, and they have been able to conserve many emblematic monuments. Over time, the old Constantinople, now Istanbul, has had a lot of influence that one can see if paying attention to details. Did you know the city is divided into two sides, one European and one oriental, that are linked by bridges?

There are many guides to advise you on the best cities to visit depending on your interests. Museums are affordable, and some are even free or have discounts on certain times or days. You can even buy passes. You could spend months in Turkey and still have a long list of things to see.

The culture and people

Turkish culture is a blend of many influences. It all created this unique culture that is the Turkish one. You probably know some of the most popular clichés or stereotypes. While some of them might be true, some might not.

We would even encourage you to learn some basic Turkish to get by as not everyone, especially in the non-touristic area, might be able to communicate in English. Discover it yourself! Meet the people, wander around, and don’t forget to pet cats if you see some!

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