Let’s Go Shopping! What and Where to Buy Souvenirs on Vacation

We all know someone with a fridge full of magnets. Items like magnets are common souvenirs and are always a good option. It’s a nice gesture to come back with some souvenirs for our loved ones. When traveling, you will come across all kinds of shops –tourist ones, independents, or museum shops. They sell different items at different price ranges, but there is always something for everyone. You just have to take a moment to find the perfect souvenir. Make a list so you don’t forget someone and come back short on souvenirs. We have prepared a list of the best places where you can find souvenirs. Keep on reading.


While you might come across a market at the corner of a street, you can also research beforehand. Markets are a perfect way to experience the true daily life of a citizen of a city or country. You would be surprised to see the differences between cultures.

Markets are the ideal place to get some souvenirs. You will most likely pass by some artisans and some crafted or vintage items. You will support the local communities and get a unique gift for your friend or family.

Museums and art galleries

For many museums and art galleries, a big part of their profit comes from souvenir shops. If art is your cup of tea, you will enjoy looking at paintings and other pieces of art. At the end of your visit, you can buy postcards, magnets and other tokens.

You can obviously gift them to yourself, but they make great souvenirs for your loved ones. Are they art enthusiasts? Or maybe the museum is famous for specific pieces of art? This is a great way to share a moment of your trip.

Unique shops

Independent shops are everywhere, so you will come across some for sure. Keep an eye out for those –maybe not as fancy-looking shops, but that truly harbor gems. You can also research beforehand, especially if your destination is famous for something specific.

Take some time to shop in those stores. They are not chains, so you sometimes will come across them only once. Times can be hard for artisans and by supporting their work you keep their profession and skill alive.

Souvenirs shops

Unlike artisans’ shops, those souvenir shops are everywhere! Especially in key tourist areas. They often have the same kind of souvenirs; magnets, hoodies, postcards, and mugs. Use it to your advantage.

Since those shops sell the same things, compare prices. And wait till the last minute to buy so if you haven’t found something in museums or independent shops you can always find last minute gifts. We all know at least one person who has tons of magnets on their fridge from places around the world. Time to add a new one to their collection!

Make it personal

Make a list of people you would like to find a gift for. Do they collect something specific? Did they mention anything they would like lately? Ask yourself questions about what you could find for them. While it’s nice to get a souvenir, make sure it will be put to good use.

The best gifts are the ones that last or leave a good memory, not the ones that take dust. Surely, your family would rather have a lovely postcard rather than something just to get them something that will never be used. Pay attention to the quality of what you buy; if it breaks in your suitcase, it will be sad.

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