Where to Travel To Feel Like You’re In the North Pole

Every kid knows that Santa Claus’ home is at the North Pole, but many don’t know that Santa also has many ‘branch offices.’ From postcard-worthy sceneries to reindeer sightings, these places look and feel just like the North Pole. With all the magical Christmas vibe in these locations, you’d wonder if Santa sometimes mistakes them for his home. Here are five of them.

Manila, Philippines

While the Philippines isn’t one of the first countries that come to mind when we think of yuletide-filled locations, it is one of the best places to be for the festivities. The biggest reason is that Christmas celebrations take longer there.

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By ‘longer,’ we mean the locals here celebrate yuletide for over two months! From the famous interactive display, Prism of Lights, to several mind-blowing exhibits, you can’t run out of Christmas-themed activities in Manila. And they don’t end until the first week of January.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the most famous locations for embracing the Christmas magic. With the lighting of the Oslo Christmas Tree, Iceland ushers locals and visitors into the Christmas period.

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Throughout the season, ice skating takes place at Ingólfstorg Square. Over recent years, there have also been different programs about popularizing the sustainable influence for the upcoming holidays. The twirling northern lights in the winter sky also add to the Icelandic charm.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Also referred to as ‘The Christmas City,’ Bethlehem got its name from being established in 1741 on Christmas Eve. Interestingly, the city has been living up to expectations as regards its name. Santa would feel at home there.

Courtesy: Koziars Christmas Village

The joyful glow created by lighting up giant monuments and industrial structures puts people in the perfect mood for the festivities. Since the birth of Jesus is the basis of Christmas, it only makes sense that this city is such an unmistakable reminder.

Santa Claus, Indiana

From the name, you’re already expecting nothing less than a Santa-infused Christmas vibe; well, this city won’t disappoint you. Just outside of the Santa Claus Museum and Village, there is a 22-foot tall statue of St. Nick that you can take pictures with.

Courtesy: Spencer County Visitors Bureau

There are also other statues of Santa that you can take a picture with. Here’s the major feature: Santa’s official post office is located in this city. You can write a letter to him and get an exclusive holiday postmark, then he will reply to your letter before Christmas.

Chicago, Illinois

During the Christmas holidays, Millennium Park receives several visitors wanting to bask in the beautiful sparkling lights of the central Christmas Tree. Aside from the large tree, there are also other attractions and activities.

Courtesy: Choose Chicago

You can find Santa at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which features Zoolights. There is also an after-hours program that caters to adults and millions of bright lights to entertain your younger ones (they’ll excite you, too!).

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