Is Working Abroad a Good Idea? Here are the Pros and Cons

We hear a lot about international companies sending their employees all over the world, employees having missions in different countries, and digital nomads. You might even be able to transfer yourself from one department to another one abroad within your enterprise. Maybe it will be a neat cut, you decide to apply for jobs somewhere else. But what is the truth about working abroad? Is it all so perfect as we see on social media or hear from people? Is it even something that anyone could do? There are many questions you might be asking yourself. It’s not always easy to have a clear idea on it so here are some of the key elements to consider, pros and cons. So, keep on reading and make your own opinion about working abroad.

Desirable skills

Not all jobs could be done abroad. Some roles are very peculiar to a country, and they might not even be equivalent in your ideal next destination. Make sure that you have all the documents necessary, and the skills needed.

You might need to upgrade your skills. Many platforms offer some free courses and certifications that you can take. They do make a difference and it is how some people have switched fields. Learning is never a waste especially if you go abroad.

Save, save, and save

The non-glamourous truth about working abroad is that it costs money. Maybe your new job will provide accommodation, but still, there are some costs. For example, you might need a company to send over your belongings.

You need to buy your flight; you might need a new car. That is without thinking of the living cost there. In the first months, you will probably have more expenses than incomes. Make sure you have enough savings to handle it!

Plan B

As much as we would love to say that everything will go just as planned. Chances are, something might go wrong. It can be something minor as your belongings are delayed to something essential as your job contract has been cancelled.

Those situations are stressful. One tip we would have is to have a plan B and maybe C, D, E. Thinking about alternative solutions helps you manage your stress better, reassure you and also in the case something happens, you can handle it and sort it out quickly (hopefully).

The experience you get from it

Working abroad is a great experience! It might not be easy, and that’s why some people are scared to take the step. On the other hand, recruiters love people like you. It’s a big asset on your CV to have worked abroad.

Especially if you plan on coming back to your country. You get a different experience that is very valuable and desirable for companies. This is will help you in the future in order to progress in your professional career.


Resilience, independence, maturity, and more! Working abroad is something. You might not be sure about it and feel insecure but once you have taken the step, you will fight for it. Many people found in themselves strength they never thought they had.

They came out of their comfort zone, they worked hard to make it work and build a life abroad. There will be easy things and challenging things. It’s the kind of experience that makes you grow.

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