Are the Rumors True? Here’s Everything We Know About White Lotus Season Three Location and More!

It’s no longer news that the Emmy-winning social satire, “The White Lotus”, is returning for its third season. Well, we’re so excited because, according to the creator, Mike White, the third season is going to be crazier and longer. With the production set to start in February, HBO has officially announced the location and cast of the new season. So, are they heading to Hawaii or Italy like the preceding seasons? This is where the cast is flying this season. 

Which country is it going to be?

The first and second seasons of “The White Lotus” were shot in Hawaii and Sicily, Italy. The production team definitely has eyes for exotic locations.

Courtesy: HBO

So, for the third season, the cast is set for Thailand. Even before HBO announced its collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to support the show’s production, there were a few hints- and they were right!

Why did they choose Thailand?

Thailand is a popular filming location, no doubt about that. Well, it’s not so surprising since the amazing kingdom has been the world’s favorite tourist destination for a long time. But why did HBO choose it for the latest season of the hit show?

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According to the creator of the show, the destination fits the plans for the third season. Since the first season highlighted money and the second season highlighted sex, the third season has been hinted to be a funny look at death in Eastern religion and spirituality.

Is Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui, a possible location?

The producers didn’t just reveal that Thailand is the set location; they also said that Koh Samui, Bangkok, and Phuket were their choice destinations. This has made many people wonder where exactly the show will be filmed in these cities.

Courtesy: Four Seasons

Well, in Koh Samui, all hints point to the famous Four Seasons Resort. Located on the Gulf of Siam, this beachy resort gives the ultimate desert island vibes. Considering that the show’s team has used Four Seasons resorts for the previous seasons, it’s a high possibility.

What about Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok?

Since Bangkok is a confirmed destination for filming, the Four Seasons Hotel in the city is a predicted choice. Although the hotel is located in the oasis of the bustling capital, it might still be a good choice.

Courtesy: Four Seasons

Located at Chao River, the hotel’s bamboo-fringed courtyards and riverfront infinity pool make it a hotspot. However, the hotel will probably not match the show’s vibe; logistics may also make things quite difficult.

Who is coming back from the previous seasons?

The creator of the show said in an interview that he couldn’t imagine doing another installment without Jennifer Coolidge. However, the Season 2 finale made us say goodbye to her Tanya McQuid character; we don’t think she’ll be in this season.

Courtesy: Deadline

The only confirmed returning star is Natasha Rothwell; she’ll be reprising her role as Belinda Lindsey, a spa manager. The other cast members include Leslie Bibb, Parker Posey, Jason Isaacs, Tayme Thapthimthong, and Dom Hrakul.

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