Bloating On A Plane Is Never Fun: These Tips Help to Avoid It

Regardless of how many times we’ve traveled by air before, many of us still feel anxious whenever we’re on the plane. This is often accompanied by dry skin, greasy hair, and a bloated tummy. Bloating is an uncomfortable feeling of a full stomach, and several people dread plane rides for this reason. Want to avoid this travel side effect? Here are five ways to avoid getting bloated while traveling. 

High-fiber foods: Watch the timing

Generally, high-fiber foods are good for the body as they aid digestion and bowel movement. However, when it comes to traveling on a plane, you might want to avoid high-fiber foods like beans and spices.

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It might be difficult to break down these foods in the gut as you fly, and this is the ultimate cause of bloating.  However, immediately after your flight, consuming high-fiber foods can help you fight constipation.

The everlasting solution

It might seem counterintuitive, but constant water intake can help you avoid feeling bloated on the airplane. Many avoid this solution because it results in frequent visits to the bathroom. But this has a benefit.

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Standing up from your seat to visit the bathroom also helps exercise your legs, back, and other body parts, reducing nervousness and increasing movement in the body. Ultimately, taking water aids digestion and significantly reduces the chances of bloating.

Stock up on this helpful mineral

Water retention is one of the most common causes of bloating, especially on the plane. So it only makes sense that incorporating methods that reduce water retention helps in debloating. So what’s the best method?

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Magnesium is a very helpful mineral when it comes to reducing bloating. You could consume snacks rich in magnesium or opt for magnesium supplements. Dark chocolate is a famous magnesium-rich snack for reducing and avoiding bloating.

Think of them as poison- as long as you’re on a plane

Traveling on a plane doesn’t involve any specific dietary restrictions. But there are some things you shouldn’t consume close to your flight time or on the plane due to the adverse effects they may have.


To avoid bloating, you should avoid caffeine and alcohol. The simple reason is that they make you feel bloated more easily due to their interference with your digestion. Furthermore, avoid chewing gums as they often contain alcohol.

One man’s food is another man’s poison

While there are foods that generally make people feel bloated on the plane, each person has a different body system. This means there may be particular foods or snacks that personally make you bloat.

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So you need to know what makes you feel bloated while traveling and take note of these things. For some, wheat and cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli make them feel bloated- these same foods may not have such effects on others.

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