Bed Bugs Are Making The News Again: Here Is How To Protect Yourself And Your Belongings

Bed bugs are a common travel risk, especially recently in Paris. Aside from the bites, bed bugs spread fast– like, very fast. When bed bugs infest your luggage, you obliviously bring them home, and they invade your bed, keeping you on your toes for weeks, possibly months. The best way to prevent the spread is to avoid bringing them home. Here are ways to keep safe and protect your belongings.

Inspection is never a waste of time

When was the last time you checked the bed of your hotel room on a trip? Probably never. However, considering the bed bug outbreak in France, this is a habit you’ll have to get familiar with.


Before dumping your bag and suitcase on your hotel bed, it’s important to inspect the sheets. Check the corners of the mattress for any signs of bedbugs before sitting or lying on the bed.

A stitch in time saves nine

Since bed bugs are so tiny and good at hiding, you might not easily find them even after checking. Therefore, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and that’s where these covers come in.

Courtesy: Medical News Today

You could use protective covers to create a barrier whenever you’re traveling. From your mattress to your pillow, these covers help you prevent bed bugs from getting to you or your personal belongings. From about $38, you can get one for your next trip.

Dirty clothes on the floor? Don’t do that

Especially when we’re on trips abroad, we tend to get lazy about laundry and putting away clothes; we just do things anyhow with plans of getting them back in order when we get home. Well, this might allow bed bugs to follow you home.

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When you dump dirty clothes on the floor of your hotel room, bed bugs can easily crawl into them and hide there. When you pack the clothes back up, the bugs come with you. Always pack your dirty clothes in a plastic bag in your luggage while on a trip.

Cheap isn’t always safe

While it’s true that second-hand stuff is always cheaper, there are some items you shouldn’t buy during this period of bed bug outbreak. Since these second-hand items have been used before, they may be infested.

Courtesy: Pest Management Professional

It’s advisable not to buy second-hand furniture and clothing at all. However, inspect all seams or cracks if you must buy second-hand furniture or clothing. Any blood marks or signs of droppings are a red flag.

The good old method

This method remains one of the surest ways of getting rid of them. Bed bugs can’t stand extreme heat; it kills them quickly. So, immediately after you get back from your trip, put your clothes into a hot dryer.

Courtesy: Good Housekeeping

Alternatively, you could simply spread all your stuff, including your bag, in the hot sun. Another option is to use a luggage heater to get rid of bedbugs. Even if you didn’t travel, you can use this method if you see any bed bugs.

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