From “Gap Year” To “Emily In Paris,” These TV Shows Make Us Want To Explore Different Destinations

We all know watching a TV show or movie isn’t all about the acting (sorry, beloved actors). Many things make us enjoy a TV show, like the location, which inspires fans to travel. Some movie locations are so exotic they make viewers want to have a first-hand experience of the place. This article is about those TV shows that were filmed in picturesque locations.

Game of Thrones

“Game of Thronesfeatures many amazing destinations. You would think the out-of-the-world castles and roads were shot in some faraway country. It’ll amaze you to know that the fantasy blockbuster was shot nearby.

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The majority of this HBO series was shot in Northern Ireland. In series two, the Dark Hedges was depicted as Kingsroad, while Magheramorne Quarry appeared as Castle Black. Filming also took place on the snowy peaks of Iceland. Now you know where to go for a GoT experience!

Sex Education

“Sex Education” is a Netflix hit that is rooted in the combination of 80’s American and British references. We weren’t so surprised when Laurie Nunn, the writer, spoke about inspiration from cult movies like “Pretty Pink”. But what about the locations?

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Considering Moordale’s fancy school dances, it makes sense that the TV series was filmed around Wales- the Dean Forest also features. Most of the beautiful sceneries in “Sex Education” are along the Welsh border. Otis’ mother’s large house is located around the River Wye.

Killing Eve

There are many things not to like about Villanelle, the psychopathic assassin in this TV series. However, we can’t deny wanting to travel across the beautiful places she went, from Amsterdam to Paris. Although we know the featured city, Barcelona stands out.

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In Season 3, Villanelle’s stay in Barcelona has got to be the most attractive. She stayed in an urban building in the Gràcia district on Plaça de Lesseps. If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, you could literally feel the series on Plaça de Lesseps.

Gap Year

“Gap Year” is one of those TV shows that can motivate you to splurge on an unplanned wild trip. The comedy is a sort of flashback to years of backpacking- if you’ve seen the tours of the gang, you’ll agree with us.

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In “Gap Year,” the gang explored the Malaysian jungles, the Great Wall, and other Asian tourist destinations. However, Koh Phangan in Thailand, where the Full Moon Party was held, stands out as one of the most irresistible locations. The Nepalese temples are also amazing.

Emily in Paris

Even if you’ve not seen this TV series, you already know it was filmed in the City of Lights. “Emily in Paris” follows the story of an American expatriate, Emily, living in Paris. Of course, we expected exquisite locations- and we weren’t disappointed.

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Emily’s chic apartment is located in Place de l’Estrapade in the 5th arrondissement. The series also features attractive sites like the famous Jardin du Luxembourg, the Palais Garnier, and the well-known restaurant Le Grand Véfour- who wouldn’t want to go there?

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