Why Everyone Goes To Italy in the Summer: Everything You Need to Know About This Summer Vacation Spot

Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world, making it a year-round tourism hotspot. From Giotto’s revolutionary frescoes in Padua to the rich history of Pompeii, there are several parts of Italy that tourists can explore. However, the time you decide to travel to Italy is a major determinant of your experience there. Most tourists prefer traveling to Italy during summer, making it a crowded and busy scene. Still want to go then? These pros and cons of traveling to Italy during summer will help you decide when to travel.

When is high season?

The summer season in the United States might be the spring season in another country. So, it only makes sense that when planning a summer travel to Italy, you should know when summer is over there.

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In Italy, summer is between late June and early September. Traveling during the summer means visiting the country in July or August. The temperatures are warmer (even hot), so packing light clothes is essential.

There’s lots to do

Visiting Italy during summer means taking advantage of the holiday season. Aside from tourists rushing to the country, locals also take time off work in the summer to get as much sun as possible.

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This explains why many attractions are open and many festivals happen. One such festival is The Venice Film Festival. Taking place at the Lido from late August to September, this world-renowned prestigious event draws guests from all over the world. This makes it a good time to see celebrities. 

High season means high prices

As mentioned earlier, both locals and tourists explore Italy during the summer, so prices usually skyrocket. From accommodation to food prices, you can expect to pay more in summer than in other seasons.

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As for transportation, the price of rental vehicles has significantly increased due to the shortage of these vehicles after the COVID-19 restrictions. One helpful tip to reduce cost is booking your accommodation in advance.

There are always reasons to go outside

Who goes to Italy to stay secluded in their hotel room throughout? Certainly not us! Another advantage of visiting Italy in summer is that you can engage in one or two outdoor activities.

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Swimming is always at the top of the list because the weather is warm enough. You could also cycle, especially if traveling in late June or early July. Furthermore, you can take several photos during these times without battling a large crowd.

It’s a hot destination

Summer is all about the heat- but it’s on a different level in Italy! Even if you’re wearing light clothes, the extremely hot weather can make it hard to engage in outdoor activities like cycling.

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The temperatures can be as high as 95°F between July and August, especially in the southern areas. So we recommend going in June when the heat isn’t in full force yet.

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