Scenic European Road Trips: Exploring the Continent by Car

Road trips are the perfect way to explore the beauty of nature without spending a fortune. You get to see breathtaking scenery that gives your body the right amount of dopamine. If you are looking to explore Europe by road and are overwhelmed with options, here are five scenic European roads you should visit.

Corniche Roads of the French Riviera (dist. 20 mi, 30 km)

Alongside her sumptuous croissant, France has once again captured hearts with its beautiful ‘route en corniche’ or Corniche Roads. Located in Nice-Menton, the corniche roads consist of the Corniche Inférieure, the Moyenne Corniche, and the Grande Corniche.


The roads are known for their dramatic turns and twists that reveal captivating views. Travelers are presented with surreal landscapes of Southern France as they glide through its scenic world of clear, azure skies, glistening waters, and homey little towns that adore the horizon.

Trollstigen, Norway (dist. 31 mi, 50 km)

This road in Norway is a perfect rendition of architecture in harmony with nature. The road’s mind-blowing engineering and spell-bounding scenery runs between Soggebru Camping in Romsdalen and Langvatnet Lake in Geiranger.

Courtesy: Fjord Norway

Some essential facilities and shops make visiting easier. It also has numerous turns with distinct names and has an altitude of almost 1000m. Whether you ride, bike, or hike, you are assured of beautiful steep mountainsides, lush vegetation, and domineering waterfalls.

The Ring of Kerry, Ireland (dist. 111 mi, 179 km)

The Ring of Kerry is one of Ireland’s famous holiday spots. It is more than a driving route. It is known for its stunning visuals, including diverse wildlife and lush green forests. It is a Ring road that circumnavigates the Iveagh Peninsula.

Courtesy: Divergent Travelers

To enjoy the best views, locals recommend you drive around the Ring road clockwise, as the best views are to the left. This is also important because Ireland drives on the left, making it easier to pull over for pictures.

The Romantic Road in Germany (dist. 285 mi, 460 km)

The Romantic road in Würzburg-Füssen, Southern Germany, will get you in your feelings. It has German cottages and mighty castles, one of which inspired Walt Disney, Neuschwanstein Castle.


Starting from the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), head towards Frankfurt, where you make your way to Wurzburg. Continue south till you reach the Romantic Road. After sightseeing, visit the locals for more fun!

Catalonian Coast, Barcelona, Spain (dist. 360mi, 580km)

Barcelona is home to one of the greatest football teams and one of the most outstanding coast drives. The Catalonian coast is home to weird stones, rocks, and dry shorelines.  It is also home to El Bulli, one of the best restaurants in the world known for its fish delicacies.

Courtesy: IndieCampers

The coast features picturesque targets, museums, clear waters, and fruitful vineyards. Alongside, there are plenty of luxury, family-run hotels, most of which have a pool, making it easier for you to relax after a long drive.

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