Traveling in Europe: A Simple Guide To See and Enjoy It All

If you come from afar, you probably want to make the most of your European vacation. It might be your only chance to visit all it offers – and it has a lot to offer! Between Belgian chocolate, the Eiffel Tower, and Pisa Tower, you will probably have to be very efficient in planning or selecting key countries you want to see. Don’t forget that many countries are next to each other and that you can easily visit them by train. Want to have a jam-packed trip and see it all? We have prepared you with some key tips that will make your trip to Europe a huge success full of memories and good food. Ready? Let’s get started!

Use public transports

Have you ever seen the railway system in Europe? You can go almost anywhere! Same using busses, although they take longer than trains. This is very efficient, and you can find some good deals when it comes to ticket prices.

You can even get discounts most of the time, especially if you are under 26 years old. Trains are easier to hop on than a plane, and you don’t have to come three hours beforehand to check in your luggage.

Travel off-season

Europe is a rather cold continent; the only time you will have warm weather is probably during the end of spring and summer. This is the moment most students and adults take their vacations. It will be packed and crowded.

Traveling off-season, slightly before the summer or after, when all kids are back to school, is way better. It’s less crowded, cheaper and the weather will still be good enough. You won’t have to fight to get a hotel room or book a table in a restaurant. Doesn’t it sound better than summer?

Get some euros

While not all European countries use euros, a majority of them do. We are now used to tapping our cards and paying touchless everywhere, even for the smallest amount. However, you might come across places that don’t have this system.

They might not even want it. Plus, you never know if your card suddenly doesn’t work. We recommend always having a small amount of euros in your wallet. It will come in handy, and you can keep it as a memory from your Euro trip.

Plan ahead

If you come from afar, plan ahead! Not only because you will need to for your visa, but also because you don’t miss out on anything! Europe has a lot to offer, and you will have to think about what you particularly want to see.

The good thing about Europe is that many countries are close to each other. You might wake up in Paris, visit Brussels, and go to bed in Amsterdam on the same day! Not all cities will take the same time to visit. Bear in mind also the cost of accommodations. You can travel by night or sleep at specific stops so you don’t pay expensive hotel fees.

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