Want To Visit A Tropical Beach Without Using A Passport? These American Beaches Have Got You Covered

While traveling abroad every weekend is fabulous, it’s not exactly feasible. The good news is that the United States has countless beautiful beaches with scenic sea views and top-notch amenities. There are prime shorelines in Hawaii, California, and Florida, as well as many options in between. We’ve gathered the best five beaches to go from the States.

Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

Grayton Beach State Park, spanning 2,000 acres along the lovely Gulf Coast, is one of our favorites. Aside from classic white-sand beaches, Western Lake is the main attraction, a coastal dune lake teeming with fish and shorebirds.

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The state park is home to the Underwater Museum of Art (UMA), the first permanent underwater sculpture exhibit in the U.S., which lets travelers snorkel, and scuba dive around massive pieces of art rotated once a year.

Twelvemile Beach, Michigan

Twelvemile Beach is a beautiful beach known for its picturesque views and comfortable space. This 12-mile-long stretch is a popular camping spot for people exploring Lake Superior. You could easily set up a tent for the night after basking in the water views.

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The beach also allows you to explore the famous lakeshore. The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (around the southern shore of Lake Superior) is one of the most stunning natural sites in the country. The lakeshore is known more for its limestone cliffs than sandy beaches.

Honokalani Beach, Maui

Honokalani Beach is one of the most photographic spots on Maui. That’s saying something because Maui is a renowned scenic location. The spot is defined by its jet-black sand, which is actually made up of tiny lava pebbles.

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The beach stands out beautifully against the bright blue ocean and green, jungle-like foliage. You can also find seaside lava tubes and sea caves tucked along the shoreline. It lets you experience wild, unadulterated Hawaii at its best.

Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida

A quick causeway drive off Southwest Florida’s mainland, Sanibel Island has long drawn visitors with its biking trails, wildlife, and calm Gulf Coast beaches. But the island’s most considerable pride is the abundance of seashells. Sanibel Island gives you an active experience.

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Strewn across its 15 miles of coastline, especially at Bowman’s Beach, the seashells are a sight. Just try to pack a picnic, refreshments, and perhaps a bucket to do the “Sanibel Stoop,” which involves collecting pastel-hued treasures along the sand.

Singing Beach, Massachusetts

As its name suggests, Singing Beach is as much a treat for the ears as the eyes. When you walk along the dry shore, the sand emits a song-like squeak that people know to be quite interesting. But that’s not all.

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You’ll want to stick around long after this auditory novelty wears off, as the beach also offers incredible sunrise views and gorgeous rocky coastlines. As a bonus, the beach is open to dogs from mid-October to mid-April.

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