Want a Vacation Fling? This is Everything You Need to Know To Protect Yourself and Have Fun

Looking to spice up your holiday a bit? Thinking of having some romantic moments? A fling might be the perfect thing for you. It’s those short romances you have while traveling. They are often an intense short relationship that reminds you to live in the present. The relationship is not meant to have a long future, but rather a fast ride that will remind you are alive and lovable. Go with the flow, make amazing memories, let yourself have a break, and fall in love easily as if you were living in a teenage movie. To enjoy the moment and stay safe, follow these tips.

Listen to your gut

If there is anyone you should trust, it’s yourself. Always listen to your gut feeling. If something feels off, it probably is. Take a minute to think about how you are feeling – if it’s fear of doing something for the first time or if it’s truly a hunch.

When traveling, you are not in your usual surroundings. Things are different and can go downhill or uphill quickly, especially when it’s a fling. Don’t try to shake off this gut feeling; listen to it and understand it.

Let yourself go with the flow

Congrats, you have found a partner to have a fling with during your vacation! It’s all butterflies in the stomach, kisses, and romance. Once you have made sure this person was genuine and the right one to have a vacation fling with, let yourself live for a bit.

There are always voices in our heads telling us all kinds of things. A fling is still an innocent thing that you should enjoy. Escape your routine and life, let yourself go with the flow, and share your story with a stranger.

Keep someone in the loop

Going on vacation means living our best life and making a lot of memories. That’s what vacations are for and that’s amazing. Maybe you are traveling with a group, a few friends, or solo. Please, keep the group in the loop.

There is no harm in letting people know where you are going, sharing your location, or calling or texting them when you return to your accommodation. Even if it’s late, just do it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially abroad. Reassure people.

Remember the best

Flings can be a quick thing; you might only spend a few days or a week at your destination. Movies romanticize flings a lot, sometimes too much to the point that you will be heartbroken or sad that it all didn’t go as planned.

Remember that there is no plan, and no expectations to have. You have enjoyed a romance. Keep the good memories, and don’t resent the “what if”; it’s not worth it and will tarnish your beautiful memories.


You only live once. That would be our last piece of advice. We sometimes fall into a boring 9 to 5 adult life. Treat yourself, allow yourself to have a bit of fun with a fling that you know has no future. We don’t mean that you need to block this person after, but take a fling as what it is—a fling.

Enjoy but don’t do anything that you might regret. As for everything, you need to ensure you are safe and can trust the person you are having a fling with. Choose it wisely, and don’t settle for someone you aren’t sure about just because you absolutely want to have a fling. The right person will come, and it will be awesome.

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