The World is Your Oyster, But So Is Your Backyard: This is Why You Should Travel in Your Own Country

Unpopular opinion: you can have a great time traveling within your own country. It might sound boring. How can your city and the local supermarket be different from visiting another town? Don’t get fooled by your daily routine, making you always see the same places, streets, and people. Trust us on this one. By the end of this article, you might hop on a train to a neighboring city. You don’t need a passport or plane ticket to see somewhere new and exciting. Traveling within your territory has plenty of advantages; it is budget-friendly, quick to organize, and more. Hear us out and decide after. Let’s get started.

It’s cheaper

Getting a plane ticket, booking accommodation, and applying for a visa. Just planning a journey can be expensive, and that is without adding what you will spend once there! It’s an expense, it can add up and maybe even be unaffordable.

For traveling within the country, no visa or plane ticket is needed. It’s way cheaper and you might not even need accommodation if you have friends you can stay with. You don’t even need to exchange money for foreign currency either!

You speak the language and know the customs

One of the things that might scare people and refrain them from traveling is not speaking the language. You are never sure if you will get scammed or be unsure of finding your way in a non-familiar environment.

Other things to consider are the customs and lifestyles of other countries and cultures. Would they accommodate your diet? Will you be able to dress as usual? Those are things you don’t need to worry about at all.

It’s easy to plan last minute

Finding a suitable date to travel for yourself or your friends can be a nightmare! You have to plan ahead, prices rise fast, and you have to think about so many things. Especially if it’s an exotic country.

It’s Thursday and you are thinking of going away for the weekend? Easy. You can find an Airbnb, or call some distant family and you are all set! It’s easier to plan a trip when you are not going too far. You might even find some last-minute deals!

Make new friends, new opportunities

The Internet is everywhere, and everyone is browsing it. Therefore, it’s a good way for meeting people. There are many groups and social apps that you can join. Meet people from across the country; for a more traditional way, simply start some small talk.

You will have many opportunities to make new friends in the same country. It can even lead you to move and find a new job in a new city. Sometimes those simple trips can change a life for the best.

It might surprise you!

There is so much more than you can imagine! Some French people have never seen Paris. It doesn’t have to be you. Many cultural symbols feel too touristy, but isn’t it worth seeing them once in a lifetime? Be a tourist for once.

You can even do some pranks faking not talking the language. Every country has its own history and monuments, discover them. Do some research, what about mountains? Beaches? Museums? You won’t believe all that you can find. No need to cross the border to see amazing things, they are closer than you think!

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