Luxury Hotel or Shared Hostel? What Accommodation is Best for Your When Traveling

Popular vacation spots used to be small-city-only-hotel-in-town family villas. Times have changed, and there are now many possibilities when it comes to where you will sleep when traveling. It’s definitely a good thing. Unlike when traveling was so expensive that only the wealthiest could afford, technological development, the economy, and low-cost airlines have made it possible for almost everyone to travel. Whether within the territory or overseas, we have compiled many of the existing accommodations you can choose from. Your choice might depend on your budget, the features available, and your time there. Keep on reading to hear more about those options!


Are you a student on a budget? This one would be ideal for you! Hostels are a great option if you are young, want to meet people, and avoid paying much for a bed you won’t spend much time in.

Does that mean older people can’t stay at hostels? Of course not! Hostels usually don’t have an age limit. If you are a solo traveler on a budget and can accommodate a noisy room, go for it! They often offer some private rooms if you want the best out of the hostel vibe without having to share your privacy.


Airbnb is a modern platform for finding accommodations. Anyone can put an offer on it with an extra room they have, studio, apartment, or house. That is great if you are looking for a place rather than a room and don’t need hotel features like fancy pillows.

It’s a great option if you are looking to stay somewhere for more than a few days but less than a few months. It’s cheaper than a hotel. It’s a fantastic idea, but be careful, some countries have a lot of scam issues involving Airbnbs that don’t even exist.


This is a classic. Hotels are ideal if you want a great location, feel pampered, and know you won’t have to do anything. One of the main downsides of hotels is that they are often the most expensive option.

You can see if they are deals available. Hotels are a great place to stay but if you are young, don’t expect to meet many peers there. Hotels are good if you are already traveling with someone or a group.


What a genius idea! Couchsurfing is a platform that allows guests and hosts to seek out each other. A member can offer their couch or a room to one or multiple guests for free. Come again?! How!

It’s a great way for people to help out each other. Someone might not be able to travel but loves meeting travelers and wants to show people the city. It’s a great way to socialize. You are a guest, so make sure you are polite and make a good first impression.

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