Europe on a Budget: Top Money-Saving Tips for Backpackers

Europe is a top tourist destination, and that’s for good reason– there are awesome places there! Backpacking is one of the cheapest and fun ways of exploring Europe. However, backpacking doesn’t exclude you from some exorbitant expenses. That’s why you have to know different money-saving tips to make the most of your budget. Here are five tips to save money without missing the fun!

Lean towards this part of Europe

Popular countries and areas that receive more tourists are more expensive to travel to. From restaurants to transport agencies, everyone charges more because of the high influx of excited guests.

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So, instead of exploring places like the United Kingdom and France, you’ll save more money by exploring the Eastern parts like Hungary and Slovenia. Just because they’re more affordable doesn’t mean they’re less fun. There’s still just as much to do and see.

Never overlook these

In Europe, you’ll find a myriad of free things. Although most people don’t even notice them, many free offers can significantly reduce your cost in Europe. The key is to look for them and take advantage of them.

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You could take a free walking tour to help you explore the city and familiarize yourself with the locals. There are also free museum entries and concerts for you to enjoy. Researching on Google and Pinterest can help you find several free offers.

Redefine your idea of a transport medium

Of course, the essence of public transportation is simply to get you to your destination. Well, as a backpacker in Europe, you could see it as a sightseeing opportunity too. That’s why you’ll enjoy taking a bus instead of the popular train.

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A train costs double compared to buses, so it’s a no-brainer that they are a recommended alternative. Although trains are twice as fast, the experience you get on buses can be so enjoyable. Besides, overnight buses can serve as temporary accommodation.

Hotels are not the cheapest option

Even the cheapest hotels in Europe can’t offer you the benefits of staying in hostels. Hostels allow you to cook your meals in a kitchen and do almost everything in your space, saving you money.

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Another accommodation option is couchsurfing. Thousands of people have a spare room or couch for tourists for free; even if you haven’t tried it before, the several testimonies of people online will convince you.

Have a taste of different cultures…affordably

Sightseeing isn’t the only thing you’re going to Europe for; we’re sure of that. The food is a major part of exploration that you shouldn’t miss out on- even if you’re on a budget. Although cooking your meals is the cheapest, you can explore meals also.

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The key is finding smaller restaurants away from the popular tourist areas. This will give you the benefit of lower prices without compromising on authentic food. You could decide to have a taste of one delicacy from each city you’re visiting.

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