All’ Antico Vinaio: The Italian Restaurant That Makes The Best Sandwich In The World

You may have heard that the best place to enjoy a sandwich in Florence isn’t an expensive restaurant but a small family restaurant called All’ Antico Vinaio. It’s very! Saveur magazine credits the restaurant for making the world’s best sandwiches. Now that they have opened branches in New York City, we’ve compiled a list of the best sandwich combinations to try.

La Paradiso

This sandwich is, indeed, paradise. This sandwich is porky, nutty, oozy, creamy, and crunchy in equally mouthwatering measures. Just a bite of this delicacy is enough to reward you for standing all day in a long queue.

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La Paradiso mingles yards of mortadella with gobs of stracciatella and pistachio cream. This flavor enhancer, tucked in Tuscan flatbread, gives the taste of chunky pistachio butter.

La Favolosa

To many, this sandwich is the best choice at All’ Antico Vinaio. If you like a vegetarian and meaty sandwich, La Favolosa is for you. It combines eggplant and salami sounds.

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All’Antico Vinaio’s La Favolosa comprises superb sandwich bread- a thin and crunchy crust with a cool and creamy crumb filled with fennel salami and spicy eggplant slathered in artichoke and Pecorino creams. The heavenly taste will make you wonder why it’s under $20.


Do you love nduja cream? If yes, you’ll surely love everything about this sandwich combo. This is one of the combos at All’ Antico Vinaio that reminds us of a French dip, with tomato, arugula, and an onion-porcini cream.

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The addition of ‘nduja cream is what makes this combo stand out. The L’inferno combination comprises porchetta, arugula, ’nduja cream, and grilled vegetables. It’ll make you torn between what makes a good sandwich- the bread or the filling- because they are both dope.

Il Numero Uno

Il Numero Uno is one of the most famous sandwich combinations- so the name comes as no surprise (Il Numero Uno means the number one). Just like other popular combos, Il Numero Uno is a ready-to-order combination– you know what you’re getting already.

Courtesy: All’AnticoVinaio

This amazing sandwich combination includes sliced pork, cream of roasted potatoes, and onion jam. Needless to say, the result is a delicious mix of sweet and spicy, enough to remind you of a delicious Thanksgiving meal. It might become your number one!

The New Yorker

No doubt, this sandwich option is particularly for New Yorkers. If you want a safe choice without having to delve deep into an All-Italian sandwich, this combination is the best place to start.

Courtesy: All’AnticoVinaio

The New Yorker is made with roast beef and onion-porcini cream. The cream balances perfectly with the fresh bread and other ingredients. The tasty sandwich can trick you into thinking you can finish the large meal at once- well, it’s not likely.

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