Pack Light! Tips for Traveling With Only a Cabin Bag

Checking in luggage can be extremely expensive. Yes, you can pack a limitless amount of liquids and usually have up to 23kg worth of weight, but is it worth it if you are only traveling for a few days? Instead, try carrying a cabin bag. This is a game changer. Depending on the airlines, the sizes and weight of it might change, so keep that in mind. You might feel like it’s mission impossible, but it is not! We have prepared you with the best tips to manage having only a carry-on bag and also still have room for some souvenirs. After reading this article, packing will be easier than ever. So, keep on reading.

Different airlines, different guidelines

Differences can be minimal within the same region in regard to the cabin bag sizes. Make sure that if you are traveling across regions, from Europe to the USA, for example, that you have read all the guidelines.

Some airlines will ask you to place your bag in a baggage-size frame. If it doesn’t fit, you might be asked to check it or worse, miss your flight. Pay attention to weight limitations as well. Again, it might be checked before boarding.

Only what you need

“What if …”, “Maybe… “, “In case…” We tend to always think about so many scenarios. Stay realistic when it comes to what you are taking in your luggage. You probably can do it with fewer versatile items.

Match and re-wear in a different outfit. Take the minimum that you know you will wear or use. In case something is missing, and you desperately need it during your trip, you can head to the local supermarket or shopping centre.

Solid cosmetics

“All liquids must be in a transparent plastic bag that can be closed.” Have we not all seen it when traveling? Yes, you have a limitation when it comes to liquid. So ladies and gentlemen, sorry if you cannot take your favorite perfume. Or can you?

Invest in a pocket perfume spray that you can refill with your current perfume. A great way to also avoid this liquid regulation is to opt for solid cosmetics. Not only do they often last longer, cost less, and do the job perfectly but also, they are solid! Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and makeup remover can be found in solid form!

Leave some room

You have packed everything and managed to close it, maybe with a lot of strength and patience. Open it up and remove a few things. The reason we would recommend you not to pack fully your luggage is because we often buy souvenirs.

Without noticing, you will buy a small token, another one, or maybe even a new shirt for yourself. And what will happen at the end of your trip is that not everything will fit in your luggage. You also probably wouldn’t have used everything you packed. Think ahead, leave some room.

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