Here’s How to Cope with Feeling Homesick While Traveling Abroad

Whilst living abroad is an amazing experience and many people are taking the step, there are also downsides to it. That means that you are leaving ‘Home’, where you have grown up, your family, and your habits. This is a great way to become independent and make your family proud of you for what you are doing. You will of course enjoy discovering a new place, creating new habits, and meeting new people. Truth is, sometimes a feeling of homesickness will submerge you without any warnings. You will be sad, far away from your family, and you might even start doubting yourself and everything about what you are doing. We have prepared some tips to cope with this feeling and fight it off. Keep on reading and remember: you are doing great!

Call your family

When you feel homesick, you might be tempted to refrain from calling home. You don’t want to worry your parents or make it look like you can’t be independent. Fight those ideas, this is not even close to the truth.

Your family must be happy for you and it’s normal that you feel homesick. Everyone far away from it can relate to this feeling. Keep in touch, video calls your parents or siblings, and text them regularly. This will help greatly. They will surely reassure you as well.

Meet with your friends

Even if your friends are not expatriates or far away from their families, this doesn’t mean that they can’t relate to this feeling. Don’t assume they can’t understand. Meet with them, and share your feelings, it will ease your burden.

As with your family, do not think that they will take it as a sign of weakness or failure. It is not and true friends wouldn’t judge you. You will definitely feel better after having spoken with them. Friends are our chosen family.

Take it easy

It’s a normal feeling. Anyone living abroad will tell you that they also have those homesick phases. It can come at any time, and it can be hard to shake off. It can even make us doubt our choices, are we doing the right thing?

You end up in an infernal spiral of thoughts that will make you even more miserable. Just pamper yourself with some chocolate and snacks, and watch movies. Get a good night of sleep as well, why not a spa day? They are small things, but they do help to relax and feel better.

Schedule a visit

It doesn’t matter if the last time you came home was years ago or a few weeks. If you feel homesick, schedule a visit. See when you can go home, even for a few days. It doesn’t have to be for a specific occasion.

Planning a visit will make it easier for you to hang in there. You will be able to look forward to this return home. Take it easy till then. That will also leave you time to get some gifts for your family if you want to.

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