Here Are The Best Destinations Where Women Can Travel On Their Own Without Fear

Even though women enjoy more freedom nowadays, they are still vulnerable in many ways. Has your family ever looked worried when you told them of your plans to travel solo? Everyone should be able to do whatever they want without company or a security guard, but the sad reality is that if you’re a female, you tend to think twice about doing things unaccompanied. Still, more and more women are taking the chance and going on adventures by themselves. For those who’d like to follow suit, we’ve compiled a list of the safest places women can travel solo.


You might think that Scandinavia is nothing more than snow and rocks, but it has much more to offer. In particular, Norway is an ideal country to visit if you’re a woman who doesn’t mind the cold or short daylight hours in winter.  

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Besides being one of the world’s most female-friendly countries, it boasts natural and human-made attractions. The capital, Oslo, boasts high living standards and low crime rates. The country’s volcanic beaches and incredible Northern Lights are a must-see for any traveler. 


The most dangerous thing when touring Canada might be running into a bear while hiking because crime and violence aren’t that prevalent. Its people have a reputation for being friendly and polite, and it seems reality is not far off.

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In particular, it’s a great destination for women traveling alone because its women’s rights records are pretty solid. It boasts impressive natural landscapes as well as European-styled cities. All in all, it’s a low-risk place to travel that has attractions suitable for all tastes.


Asian countries have a reputation for being conservative regarding gender roles, but some countries are much more lenient and forward-thinking than people believe. One of those is Singapore, one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

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Since it’s the safest nation in all of Asia, it’s an ideal place for females traveling alone to visit. The capital city blends the old and new with mile-high skyscrapers and centuries-old temples. Don’t get us started with its luscious gardens and parks. 


Picture this: you’re sitting in a bar drinking sangria and eating Iberian ham with the sun shining on your face. If this sounds appealing, perhaps you should consider Spain for your next vacation. Besides, you won’t need to find someone to go with you. 

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We thought people from this sun-soaked country might be a bit too warm, if you know what we mean, but according to the Women’s Danger Index, Spain is an excellent country for solo female travelers to visit. As if its dreamy Mediterranean coastlines weren’t tempting enough.


Many people are under the misconception that Ireland has nothing but clouds and stormy seas, but its countryside is green and lush, and its cities are brimming with life and culture. Oh, and it also has pretty low levels of discrimination and gender inequality.

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Dublin is the obvious choice for literature lovers since it’s the city that was so beloved by James Joyce. There are plenty of activities that aspiring writers would love. However, there are also plenty of things nature lovers can do, such as visiting the stunning Cliffs of Moher.

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