Tips and Hacks for Getting Free Hotel Upgrades

Who doesn’t like getting to a hotel they booked only to find out they now have a larger room and more comfy bathroom at no extra cost? Absolutely nobody. However, it’s not every day that wishes like this come true. Well, there are some tried and trusted tips that can help you get free hotel upgrades. We will share them with you below, so let’s dive in!

It never hurts to be a date-dropper

If you’re traveling to celebrate a special occasion, you can leverage it for a free upgrade. As you check in, let the staff at the front desk know you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

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Hotel staff are likely to pull all strings for you to have a memorable celebration in their hotel, so you can book another stay and even recommend them. Whether it’s your wedding anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon, be a date-dropper.

Let the experts do their thing

Although you can go through the process of booking a hotel room online without anyone’s help, there may be benefits in using third parties. By third parties, we mean travel advisor websites.

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Many travel network agents have affiliations with reputable hotels, so they can get you upgrades without you having to ask. This makes things much easier as they are all about satisfying you.

The off-season is the best

It’s less likely, if not impossible, to get a free upgrade when a hotel is fully booked because the staff are continuously moving about to meet different demands. However, traveling during the week or the shoulder season is highly advantageous.

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When hotel rooms aren’t fully booked, the staff always focuses on giving guests the best experience. This is when complimentary meals, late checkouts, and free upgrades are common.

Make your fave hotels recognize you

Many hotels don’t have access to third-party website systems, so they can’t know their loyal clients even if they want to. This explains why booking your room directly (if it’s a major brand) can help you get noticed.

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The more you return to the same hotel, the more likely you will be offered free upgrades. Most top-tier hotel brands have hotel loyalty programs to treat their VIP clients, aka returning guests.

Being nice can bring you benefits

Many guests can be rude and harsh towards hotel staff after a long trip- this is exactly why being nice will earn you preferential treatment. Make it a priority to speak nicely to the check-in staff on your arrival.

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Amidst your friendly pleasantries and conversation, you can nicely ask for an upgrade- you’ll be surprised at how enthusiastic the staff will be to upgrade you. A smile and kind words will do the trick.

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