Want To Experience the Fall Season In All Of Its Glory? These Places Promise The Most Beautiful Fall Sceneries

With the trees displaying brilliant colors from bright red to yellow, the fall season is nothing short of charming. While everywhere looks radiant in fall, some places are just breathtakingly magical. From Kyoto’s beautiful foliage to the picturesque spots in Alaska, there are several magical spots worldwide to bask in the season’s beauty. Here are five of the best fall sceneries around the world.


Montenegro is a relatively small Balkan nation that is less frequented than surrounding nations like Greece. This makes it one of the best places to enjoy fall scenery without running into thousands of other tourists.

Courtesy: Montenegro

The virgin forests in the nation offer amazing views in the fall. There are also many scenic lakes and four different national parks to enjoy Instagrammable views. You shouldn’t miss the bird’s eye view of the Old Town from the fortress of Saint Ivan.

Paris, France

You were probably expecting the City of Love, which is beautiful every season. While there’s no wrong time to visit, Paris is particularly beautiful in the fall. By September, even the locals come back from their vacations to enjoy the foliage.

Courtesy: TravelAwaits

You could visit iconic parks like the Jardin du Luxembourg to inhale the crisp air and take several pictures of the beautiful foliage. To end your day of strolling, head over to Angelina for a takeaway cup of their hot chocolate- you’ll be glad you did.

The Green Mountains, Vermont

Vermont is known for its abundance of maple trees, which also produce the brightest autumnal colors. The reds are brighter and the yellows are more radiant; fall in Vermont simply comes in a fuller dose.

Courtesy: Travelartsy

You could travel through the Green Mountain Byway, which is between Waterbury and Stowe. Aside from the fresh scenery, you’ll get to see unique landscapes and quaint villages. However, you should prepare for warm and sunny days accompanied by cold nights.

Kyoto, Japan

Who said cherry blossoms were all Japan had to offer? They’ve definitely not been to Kyoto in the fall season. The fall scenery is mind-blowing from October to early December, with green leaves turning deep red and gold.

Courtesy: Japan Cheapo

Enjoy the peak fall foliage in any of the city’s famous gardens and temples. However, if you’re unable to get to Kyoto during the peak season, you can always head over to the Togetsu-kyō Bridge to enjoy a blast of colors.

Denali National Park, Alaska

This national park receives hundreds of thousands of visitors. Just a glance at the wild landscape and peculiar fall scenery will make you understand why. The 6-million-acre park has everything you’re looking for in a fall excursion, from mountains and ice caves to snowy amphitheaters and glaciers.

Courtesy: Peakpx

From October to late December, the mountains are only partially covered in snow, and the trees begin to change color, making the scenery breathtaking. If you’d like aerial shots through the park(we think you will), stay at Sheldon Chalet to enjoy a helicopter ride.

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