Love Italian Cuisine? Here Are The Best Cooking Classes In Italy Every Foodie Tourist Should Try

Italy, renowned for its rich culinary heritage, offers a captivating experience for tourists seeking to delve into the art of Italian cuisine. As the birthplace of pasta, pizza, and an array of delectable dishes, the country’s food traditions have attracted visitors from around the globe. To fully immerse oneself in the authentic flavors and techniques of Italian cooking, enrolling in a cooking class becomes an enticing option. These classes not only provide a hands-on exploration of regional specialties but also offer a glimpse into the culture and history that have shaped Italy’s culinary prowess.

Taormina Cooking Class, Sicily

At Osteria Santa Domenica, visitors can enroll in their cooking classes, which are typically relatively small but efficient nevertheless.

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Their Head Chef guides the students during their entire journey as they uncover the secrets to a perfect pasta or pizza. They offer complete lessons from selecting the best raw material to utilizing everything efficiently.

Florence Cooking Classes, Tuscany

Run by Eating Europe, this cooking class in Florence is probably one of the most enjoyable ones that you’ll find when you visit Italy.

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Offering a completely hands-on experience, visitors learn a lot about Italian Cuisine in just about half a day. This place is located in a non-touristy spot therefore distractions here are pretty much next to none. You also get to experience the magic of local ingredients here.

Pisa Cooking Class, Tuscany

If you’re a fan of the authentic taste of Italian Pizza, then the pizza-making class by Massimo on ToursByLocals will teach you all about it.

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From mixing the dough in the right proportions to choosing the best toppings to complement your pizza sauce, it might look like a short workshop but the entire process is very informative. A must-visit if you wanna be the best pizza chef in your neighborhood!

Rome Cooking Class, Lazio

There seems to be some special magic in food that is cooked by our mom. Keeping this special ingredient of motherly love unique, Ristomama’s pasta-making class offers special lessons from two mothers who guide you on your journey to make the best pasta!

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A multi-hour and hands-on class that properly teaches you everything there is to know about making the perfect pasta as well as the preparations that come along with it.

Pizza Making At Origano, Rome

A professional Pizzaiolo teaching you how to make the perfect pizza by yourself, how cool is that? At Origano, an amazing little restro famous for its pizzas, this group pizza-making class is quite a hotspot for tourists who wish to learn the sorcery of perfect pizza.

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The best part? Not only do you get to make some really awesome pizzas yourself, but you also get to eat them when it is done! All that hard work pays off in the end.

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