You Don’t Have To Hurt the Environment When You Travel: Here’s How To Pack Sustainably For A Vacation

From water bottles to plastic soap wrappers that end up in landfills, it can be very easy to forget sustainable practices on vacation. Consider the three sustainability Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle; when aiming to be more sustainable, taking a little look at your lifestyle through a reuse and recycle lens is key. Consider these five eco-friendly packing hacks on your next trip.

Opt for secondhand clothing as you travel

As there are more and more sustainable fashion brands now that have a secondary social purpose, don’t be seduced by high-street fast-fashion brands with their pseudo-eco collections. Try to choose independent brands set up with the sole intention of prioritizing social impact over high-volume sales.

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Curated charity shops are great places to pick up pre-loved finds, especially when they take a cherry-picking approach to donations – whether it’s sweaters for ski trips or recent-season sundresses for summer raids. Shopping for secondhand clothing lets you acquire variety for your vacation without filling more dumps.

Consider the type of case you’re carrying

Consider the anatomy and the likely lifespan of your luggage. What’s it made from? Will it last ages? Is it light? You’ll want to find the most effective case, as every kilo counts. Also, it’s nice to know it was made under ethical conditions.

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A good tip is that the cheapest option is rarely the best if you want something that will hold your stuff without adding a ton of weight. You should also consider what the bag or case is made from; we recommend cotton or other natural materials.

Prepare for that time of the month

While some prefer reusable items like period underwear or a menstrual cup, others women prefer disposable items like pads and tampons. Whatever you prefer, make your period more eco-friendly by packing your preferred period product if you know your time of the month is likely to land while on holiday.

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This will reduce waste, ensure you have items you’re comfortable with, as well as ensuring you have the sustainable product you prefer – especially if they are uncommon. You won’t have to spend your money on period supplies that are most likely unsustainable.

Travel with your water bottle

While you will have to empty your beloved water bottle when you get to security, you are allowed to take empty water bottles through the gates. Luckily, most airports are well-equipped with water fountains to refill bottles.

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Alternatively, you can ask in cafes and restaurants- they’ll do you the honor. Many cities have an increasing water fountain population, so you’re not likely to be stuck with bottled water. Consider requesting filtered water at your hotel in countries where bottled water is prevalent.

Pack sustainable toiletries in sustainable containers

This sustainable packing guide would not be complete without mentioning sustainable toiletries. Avoid purchasing new shampoo and conditioner minis, and instead, decant your existing shower essentials into refillable containers. These containers are usually kinder on the planet.

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Even better, choose shampoo and conditioner filled with non-toxic chemicals. Alternatively, opt for shampoo and conditioner bars to avoid the whole liquid mess. It’s also essential to pay attention to the type of refillable container you’re packing- it shouldn’t be unrealistically small.

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