These Are The Best Vacation Movies to Inspire Your Next Trip

“Mamma Mia… here we go again!” It is time for a well-deserved vacation. Get your holidays relaxing at the beach booked. Your only last preoccupation should be what you will be watching during those vacation. There are tons of movies to choose from but if you think about the ones that truly put you in the mood to enjoy the summer, then the list shrinks to leave only the best of the best. And that’s exactly what we have done. We have prepared you with top-notch movies for you to watch and rewatch this summer. They will make you laugh, dance, sing and believe in love again. So, get some popcorn, and cocktails and let’s go!

Mamma Mia

Can you believe it was released in 2008? It’s been more than 10 years and yet it is still a classic holiday movie! What’s its secret? Music, positivity, and the great acting of Meryl Streep. It’s a musical that everyone loves.

If you haven’t seen it yet, add it to your list right now. It’s the kind of comedy romance movie that will put you in the perfect mood to enjoy your summertime. Note that we are not responsible for your addiction to the soundtrack after your watch!

Roman Holiday

An old classic. Roman Holiday is set in Italy and Audrey Hepburn is the main characted. They honestly don’t make movies like that anymore, not only because it was in black and white but because Audrey Hepburn is acting perfectly as a princess.

The movie, another romance is about a princess touring Rome best’s place to visit, accompanied by a handsome man. What else could you ask for? Besides some traditional Italian pasta of course. A must-watch especially if you like old black-and-white movies.

Girls Trip

If you are on a girls’ trip, this movie is the perfect one for you! You will have a lot of laughs for sure following those 4 girls on their weekend trip. Queen Latifah is hilarious in this rom-com movie.

This will remind you of the power of friendship and how important it is to have people shaking you up and helping you have fun outside of your comfort zone. It’s definitely a feel-good movie perfect for your holidays.

Ghibli Movies

Sorry, we couldn’t decide here. All movies from Studio Ghibli are just a perfect watch during your holidays! They are a bit different from your regular ones as they are all animations. It’s absolutely not only for kids.

No one can resist those movies. They are touching and you will probably find yourself being emotional. They are definitely worth watching on vacation especially if you are travelling with kids. You will both enjoy it.

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. Oh yes, we wish too that Patrick Swayze would have told us that. But we’ll have to do with only the movie. And what a movie! Everything about it is iconic. You wouldn’t believe it went out in 1987.

What a performance! If you are looking for some Caliente summertime romance, this is the right movie. It will sweep you off your feet for sure. This might even lead you to take some dance classes and have a fling. Enjoy!

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