More Space, Less Hassle: Discover Useful Tips to Help You Pack Right When Traveling With a Carry-On

Although it always seems like carrying your large rolling suitcase while traveling is your surest bet, it’s not. The stress of lugging that massive box up staircases and across cobblestone streets will make you forget that it can occupy all you need. The funny thing is that you always end up not using many items in the box- and that’s why a carry-on is all you need. But how do you make sure you pack the right things? Here are five expert tips.

Don’t fold your clothes

You can be the best folder in the world, but you don’t need that skill as long as you’re planning to manage space. Resisting the temptation to fold your clothes in your carry-on always pays off. So, how do you organize your clothes?

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The good old method is rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This tip effectively helps you pack more clothes and occupy the least space at the same time. Furthermore, rolling your clothes helps minimize wrinkles in your clothes.

The 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule

Experts have created travel tips for a reason. If you don’t want to follow all of them, you just have to follow the strategies that work for you The 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule is one of those tried and trusted travel rules.

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The rule is all about what you need to pack for a week-long trip. The needed items are a hat, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops, five socks, and six pairs of underwear. Aside from these essential items, anything else is extra. And, of course, your carry-on won’t be so heavy with only these items.

Digital options are there for a reason

Most of the time, what makes people’s carry-on luggage so full and impossible to zip up isn’t essentials like clothes; additions like books are the culprits. 

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The good thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice your love for reading to pack lighter. Instead of carrying your books, you could go digital by taking a tablet with ebooks. Alternatively, you can download ebooks on your phone to make things easier.

Don’t go all out with the shoes

It feels good to strut out of your hotel room wearing different shoes every day, but it’s impractical. When it comes to packing light, shoes are the real enemies that you should be wary of.

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After wearing the more bulky shoes on the plane, you should only pack a pair of versatile sandals or flats. Shoes occupy the most space, so packing several pairs is the biggest source of frustration. You might as well stuff your socks inside your shoes to maximize the space occupied.

Repacking is allowed, again and again

Especially on your first few carry-on trials, you might not get it right at once. This explains why you should pack your carry-on bag some days before your travel- it gives you time to repack as you reconsider different things.

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When you reopen your packed carry-on, you will likely see one or two things you don’t need on your trip. You’ll be amazed by how many things you’ll remove or replace when you go through your luggage again- and again.

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