Chocolates, Beer, and Art, Oh My! Why You Should Visit Belgium

Belgium or shall we say, The Kingdom of Belgium as its official title, is at the heart of Europe. This small country has much more to offer than you might think. From chocolate, beers, the Manneken Pis, architecture, and history, this country is full of delicacy. The worldwide-known artist Stromae is Belgian. We shall also mention that the saxophone was invented by Adolph Sax, a Belgian. Wait what language do they speak? Belgian? No. Nice try but actually Belgium has three official languages spoken in different areas of the territory: French, Dutch and German. Impressive, right? We might also mention that Belgium is more than just its capital, Bruges and other cities are also famous and you probably have seen it on screen more than you think. Remember Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? PK, the Indian movie?

You can go anywhere from there!

Here me out, Paris is always busy, yes there is the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre but it’s expensive, crowded and that all year long. Amsterdam is also a popular destination that attracts millions of tourists.

So, why not Belgium? You can easily do city trips by train to all countries around the territory and enjoy a less crowded one, also less expensive. Belgium has an easy, cheap, railway system, you can be in France in 35 min, in Germany in an hour, Amsterdam in an hour and thirty minutes.

The people and multiculturality

Over 60% of residents in Brussels are foreign-born! More than half of it. The capital foster more than 150 nationalities. There is a reason why Brussels Is the heart of Europe. The amount of diversity you can find is amazing.

Besides the foreign-born, the country having 3 languages by itself makes it a blend of languages and habits. Belgian people, maybe because of the beer and chocolate, are laid-back, friendly people that have a good reputation over the world. Sweet!

The chocolate

Belgium has the best chocolate! They are providing it all over the world, we are talking about tons of chocolate exported out of the country. Fun trivia: the place where people buy the most Belgian chocolate is actually Brussels Airport! Who would have guessed?

What makes it different? Belgian chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa and it’s a real savoir-faire behind it. They are different Maîtres Chocolatiers like Leonidas which is generally more affordable, Neuhaus which is more expensive and also brands like Côte d’Or which you can find in most Belgian supermarkets. There is chocolate for everyone!

The beer

The best white beer in the world is Belgian! When it comes to beer, Belgium know what it’s doing. The country not only gives the world chocolate but also alcohol. Many Belgian beers are still traditionally made in abbeys.

Whether you like it blonde, brown, fruity, or bitter, there is a Belgian beer for you to try! The majority of them are sold in glass bottles often of dark color. Why? To keep the best flavor and avoid the negative effect of the light on the beverage. Cheers!

The comics

Have you seen the movie ‘Smurfs’? That’s Belgian! Herge, the author of Tintin? Franco-Belgian. Maybe it’s something in the beer that makes them so creative! Those characters have taken over the world and are well known by both children and adults.

Belgian comics are different from manga or other comics. They popularized strip comics. It’s still a popular medium in Belgium and France and many new comics are published every year. Have you ever read one?

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